Art Gama is a Telecare Hero!

Art has been with Telecare for over 20 years and exemplifies what it means to be a Telecare Hero.

Alongside the recovery-centered work that he does with members on a daily basis, he is continually working to improve the HOP program and creates an environment which facilitates growth for our members and colleagues. He has been integral in planning regular member events, including Dodger games and member picnics. He also regularly plans smaller member events such as golfing, movie events, and opportunities for members to engage with one another.

Art has a natural leadership ability, and the team often looks to Art for guidance and support. He has headed up CORE (COEG) groups, Harm Reduction groups, and Common Ground groups at the HOP which help guide members in their recovery. Art is truly our Hero at HOP!

Art has an incredible sense of humor and always knows how to brighten up the room. He can always gauge when someone is having a bad day and provides unconditional support. Thank you, Art, for all that you do!

Nominated by Telecare LA HOP