Corey Jordan is a Telecare Hero!

Corey is our Superhero IT man!

Although Corey is the designated Regional IT Specialist in Los Angeles, he often gets pulled in many different directions and into other regions/states. No matter where he is at, he always makes time for us whenever we call.

Staff describe him as their “Go to Guy,” “Savior,” “Always Available,” “The Man,” and “My Hero.”

 No matter how busy he is, when Corey comes to our location he lights up the atmosphere! He is truly the epitome of a Telecare Hero. Corey, here is our shout out to you! You’re the best!! 

Nominated by Rachel, Anthony, Vy, Lior, Kathy, Karen, Eddie, Siera, Mary, Melvin, Chris, Abraham, Tina, Art, Valeria, Deshellia, Liz, Dawnell, Katirina, Shannon, Jeannette, and Shirly. LA HOP 7, Kaiser Downey, and Discoveries