Bruce Sheer is a Telecare Hero!

It is always a joy to work with Bruce. Bruce shows up, ready to work. He is a constant positive presence on the floor with our patients and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

His genuine compassion and patience was challenged on May 2, 2017, when an extremely agitated patient required additional support. Bruce selflessly supported the individual through continuous “peer” counseling and information sharing for nearly two consecutive hours. His demeanor, respect, perseverance, and patience never faltered throughout the crisis. The incident concluded with a smile and a verbal “thank you” from the patient for the much-needed support.

It should be noted that this incident concluded without the need for additional medications, seclusion, or restraints!

Bruce always greets patients and staff with a smile. He continuously shares valuable information relevant to our patient’s daily needs. He is patient, kind, and a real self-starter. Bruce contributes to the overall positive and safe environment we strive to provide for everyone who enters our door.

Bruce, you’re our hero!

Nominated by Donna Franklin and Heather Oster, Riverside County CSU