Gema Posadas is a Telecare Hero!

Gema has a quiet and gentle nature about her that is calming and warm to residents and staff alike. She carries it with her throughout her work and her interactions with others. She goes along with the flow and is a cooperative team player. She engages residents and staff in a peaceful way, and she also works hard to engage with everyone around her even when they are challenging.

What stands out about Gema and what makes her a Telecare hero is her steadfast hard work to build a one-on-one relationship with one of the more challenging residents here to build with. Gema was assigned a more difficult resident to provide one-to-one support to and at first was a bit discouraged because he would always tell her to get out of his room. I coached her in pairing with the resident by just sitting with him in his room even if he didn’t talk with her. Gema did just that, over and over again. After days of doing this with the resident, Gema started to see progress. The resident began speaking to her and will now say “hi” to others in the hallway. What’s admirable about this is that Gema persevered and never gave up! Now, she is excited to confront challenges due to the experience of one being rewarded.

One of the best qualities in Gema is her quiet dedication and perseverance that she carries with her in her work. She is also always very eager to learn and to grow internally as well as externally. She is enthusiastic about developing her own skill set which is very admirable.

Nominated by Tara Leiker