Jen Obermeyer is a Telecare Hero!

Jen never ceases to amaze me with her capacity to give day-in and day-out regardless of circumstances, weather, or the variety of things that are thrown at her daily. She is a model of RCCS with her calm demeanor, respectfulness and gentle voice to all. She has been our program administrator for two years, faced many challenges, and was able to make things better here at The Recovery Center @ Gresham. Our residents feel it and so do the staff.

Jen is known to work holidays so other management can be home, will fill in as a Recovery Specialist on the floor when we are shorthanded, and works tirelessly to keep us in budget while trying to give back as much as she can to acknowledge the staff. She encourages the staff to realize their fullest potential, at work and at home.

My favorite thing about Jen is her heart. She cares about all of us, without judgement, and with grace. We are truly blessed to have her as our administrator.

Nominated by anonymous