Susan Humphrey is a Telecare Hero!

Susan (1).png

Susan is a Telecare Hero because she demonstrates what mental health recovery is all about. She describes to clients at North Sound E&T how she utilized her WRAP plan, and encourages them to use that crisis prevention tool as well. One of my favorite things about Susan is her optimistic attitude and smile each and every day. It’s contagious and shines a light of cheerfulness upon everyone at our facility.

Susan meets people where they are, and she is genuine and down to earth with them. She is recovery-focused and person-centered as shown by listening to people’s stories with an open mind and compassionate heart. Not only does Susan have a caring heart towards clients, but she always makes an effort to check in with her fellow peer counselors and co-workers to see how they are doing. Her group sessions are fun, interactive, and creative because she puts her passion and personality into the work she does. Overall, Susan is a phenomenal asset to our team, and I am extremely grateful for everything she has to offer.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards, North Sound E&T