Sue Brooks is a Telecare Hero!


Since being at our Thurston-Mason Crisis Triage Center as our CDP, Sue has gone the extra mile in many ways. Sue supports her teammates, has made many recommendations for substance use treatment and gotten our clients into inpatient beds.

Sue signed up to be a CPI trainer and has done a wonderful job teaching the classes and modeling the correct way of doing CPI with clients. She is an excellent communicator and able to de-escalate clients many times without having to use hands-on methods. Sue is eager to support and lead, not only in crisis, but also with providing extra assistance on the unit when needed even if it means coming in on the weekends.

Sue speaks out and advocates for the clients so that they will have all they need to reach their goals in recovery. She has volunteered to be on the Fun Committee and has made several contributions. She has also volunteered for special events and always has ideas to ensure safety for clients and employees. Sue also facilitates groups with clients on how substance abuse effects mental illness and recovery. Sue stands out as a leader and to me is a true Telecare Hero.

Nominated by Sheila McCann, Telecare Thurston Mason Crisis Triage Center