Rita Baldonado is a Telecare Hero!


Rita is an exceptional DMHP and Social Worker. She is organized, detailed, a great client advocate, has great integrity and great ethics. Rita is also very competent, kind and compassionate, but knows how to be objective and set great boundaries. She is supportive of her teammates and treats them with great respect and kindness.

Rita stands out because she doesn’t go with the flow or status quo, she stands up for what she believes is the right thing to do for clients and teammates. She knows how to balance her workload. She does a great job as a DMHP - always does all she can to be fair, examine the facts and has great insight into clients and teammates. Her decisions are in the best interest of the client - keeping in mind safety, their abilities, their goals and dreams and offering power to the client when it is best to do so in a situation.

Rita is also a great judge of character and motives. She believes the best in clients and teammates but knows when a line must be drawn for the betterment of all involved. Rita goes the extra mile also by taking leadership on committees such as the Fun Committee, planning events and is aware of and reports any safety issues. She assists on the unit when needed and knows how to use her crisis CPI skills and uses them when it is necessary. Rita is great at verbal de-escalation with clients and a great listener. Rita is a true Telecare Hero every day!

Nominated by Sheila McCann, Thurston Mason Crisis Triage Center