Sara Siebler is a Telecare Hero!

Sara has stepped up in significant ways during her time at Recovery Center at Sarpy (RCS). From conducting additional therapy sessions on top of her assigned caseload and doing discharge planning with said cases, to coming in on days off to accommodate family therapy sessions, she has personified what it means to lead while being an excellent team player. When our facility was without a Clinical Director, Sara stepped in to fill that role on an interim basis with no hesitation or reluctance, and showed the utmost esteem. RCS fortunate that Sara has since accepted the Clinical Director position full time and has already been making huge strides in the beginning of her new role. She does not shy away from calling out greatness among staff and residents, nor is she afraid of shedding light on issues that need addressed.

The thing that stands out the most since Sara’s transition into her new role is that there hasn't been a significant shift in how she interacts with staff and residents. Since the get-go, Sara’s been one of the most approachable staff members and continues this as the supervisor to Recovery Specialists and other staff alike. As a manager, Sara constantly keeps her door open both figuratively and literally unless with a resident or in a meeting. She is very clear in her communication as well as working within staff and resident means. We are grateful to have a teammate and leader that’s as selfless and team-oriented as Sara. I feel I can speak for all RCS employees in saying this: we are excited for the big things that Sara will bring to the team in her new role.

Nominated by anonymous