Candace Reynolds is a Telecare Hero!

As a certified peer counselor, Candace goes above and beyond to emotionally support clients, provide validation, and express empathy through common recovery experiences. Her recovery story is an inspiration to clients and promotes hope and perseverance to never give up on themselves. She always has an incredibly upbeat attitude, is extremely dedicated to completing client focused treatment plans, mini WRAP plans, group notes, and all other peer counseling documents. She assists with keeping everything very organized to ensure that tasks are completed in an efficient manner. Candace is a true joy to work with.

One of my favorite things about her is her creativity for group activities with clients. She comes up with some of the most fun ideas that clients are drawn to. I also love when she sings, it just puts everyone in a great mood to listen to her talented voice. She is an outstanding and valuable team member and deserves this recognition.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards, Telecare North Sound E&T