Marissa D. is a Telecare Hero!

Marissa is a Telecare Hero for her calm demeanor in crisis situations, her advocacy work with vulnerable partners, and her application of assessment skills to improve safety on the job. She is quick to assess situations for safety and any other risks. During her work at STAGES, Marissa has advocated for partner RG, an individual with pressing health issues, when he was discharged from the hospital and dropped off at his board and care with an IV needle still stuck into his arm. She immediately contacted STAGES nurse and team leader to collaborate and make sure the needle was safely removed and the hospital took responsibility for the care of the partner.

Another example of her safety judgment include a time when a partner was aggressive, agitated, and began yelling at her and a house manager. Marissa responded quickly with composure to handle the situation, getting her and the manager to a place of safety to call for help.

Perhaps the greatest way that Marissa is a Telecare Hero is how she seeks opportunities for recovery work amidst the many routine tasks and crisis that happen in this work. She uses her past experiences with partners to assess their progress and reflects this to them to have informed next steps in their recovery plan. Marissa has recently left Telecare to pursue her own hopes and dreams for gaining research experience so that she can complete her PhD and someday return to helping partners in need.

Marissa is well loved at among her STAGES team and the STRIDES & STEPS co-workers for her bright mind and curious nature, her creativity skills (from making dream catchers to duct-tape wallets), for her “word of the day” and constant learning, and her unique use of post-its in staying organized.

Nominated by the STAGES team.