Chad Hamilton is a Telecare Hero!

Chad has and always will be a Telecare Hero! I am always inspired by his interactions with our residents, he genuinely cares about their recovery process. His personality is larger than life so he can always keep you entertained and most likely laughing a lot too! He not only cares about the residents, but he also cares very much about his co-workers. I look forward to seeing Chad at work and miss working with him as an RS, but I still see and appreciate all the hard work he puts in here. You and all the amazing work you do is always noticed and appreciated Chad!

My favorite thing about Chad is how easy he is to talk to, always so supportive, and actively listens. Also he cooks amazing food for lunch every Thursday and does all the planning and shopping for this as well. He has been teaching our resident’s how to budget, shop for great deals, and cook delicious food. Chad also gets coffee for his very grateful co-workers from Dutch Bros on occasion–what a life saver!

Nominated by Rachel Severson