Manju Chaudhary is a Telecare Hero!

Manju is hard-working, motivated, resourceful, and compassionate. She makes sure all the residents are well cared for and helps her coworkers when the extra help is needed. She is self-motivated and yearns to do more to further her skills. She has shown great organizational skills and shows initiative to problem-solve. When working with residents, she makes sure they are presentable and has everything they need. She coordinates with her colleagues, her supervisors and the other members of the team and is not shy in sharing her opinions and suggestions if she feels they will benefit the residents. She steps up when she needs to cover the workload and does so with a positive attitude. She keeps the nurses and her supervisors up to date which helps with timely follow up on the residents’ care. We were so happy when she joined MBC as a Mental Health Worker.  It is our great delight that she continues to share her time and talent with us as one of our Ward Clerk.

Nominated by Cristina De Leon, Morton Bakar Center