Elaine Shriner is a Telecare Hero!

We, the team of Telecare Durham ACTT, nominate our Administrator Elaine Shriner as our Telecare Hero. Elaine goes above and beyond for her team and the program and truly cares about each and every one of her staff. She has demonstrated this many times before, and more recently as the program went through an audit by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Routine Monitoring for Provider Agencies. The preparation was very tedious and required long hours of reviewing and paying attention to detail.

Through all of this, Elaine was there to coach, support, assist, give feedback, and maintain morale. She is always available to discuss with us any concerns or issues. Her ability to lead and unite a team to provide the best services for our clients is unparalleled. She is the spark that ignites our team’s effort to keep on going until we accomplished the task. We are very happy to announce we received an overall score 99.1%.   

Thank you Elaine for your leadership, guidance, and all that you do!

Nominated by Team Telecare at Durham ACTT