Joann Neberba is a Telecare Hero!

Joann has her plate full being the HR/AA for a big program in San Mateo County, Cordilleras MHRC. That didn’t stop her from stepping up and helping out a nearby Telecare program in need, though!

San Mateo Transitions recently had their longtime HR/AA leave. This left the program with no one to do the HR functions there. A new hire was being brought on at Transitions for a tough-to-fill position that had been open for a while. To ensure that there would be no hiccup in starting the new hire, and to ensure that the new hire could start as soon as possible, she stepped up and offered to help. She helped do all of the pre-employment steps/paperwork, on-boarding, orientation, and post-employment paperwork! Without her help, this would have caused a huge burden at Transitions, and Telecare could have potentially lost a great Licensed Team Lead!

Thank you for stepping up and helping out a Telecare program that isn’t your program, you embody the Telecare spirit of helping others!

Nominated by Adrian Martinez, Corporate