Shanna Talant is a Telecare Hero!

I am nominating Shanna Talant because she is the true definition of a Telecare Hero. On Thursday, June 9, we had a goodbye lunch for one of our co-workers and Shanna worked tirelessly to make this a special day for them. Shanna worked hard to make a video, picture frames, cards, etc., and brought together the team to make this day an unforgettable and special day for our co-worker and team. However, this is not unusual for Shanna, as she is continuously going out of her way to compliment her co-workers, make them feel special, and offer any support to her team in general.

This can also be said about Shanna’s work with her participants. Shanna invests every ounce of energy and compassion into her daily work to ensure that her participants are able to reach their goals, feel supported, and fulfill their definition of happiness. Shanna uses her creativity and compassion to provide support to her participants and touch their lives in a very special way. Shanna uses this same creativity and compassion to support her co-workers as well and is consistently spreading her positivity to the team. In addition, Shanna has the ability to make the team laugh at any moment with her great sense of humor and spirit! Shanna thank you for all your contributions and great energy you bring to the IHOT team!

Nominated by anonymous