Amanda Edwards is a Telecare Hero!

Amanda is a jewel. As a coworker she is reliable, efficient, effective, and diligent. But those aren’t even her best qualities. She is also a shining example of infusing our work with empathy and compassion. Amanda meets people where they are at, and draws them out of dark places. She finds the positives in their situations, and helps them see the light within themselves. She doesn’t give up.

In this type of work, we really need to be able to trust and count on our teammates. I can always count on Amanda. She tries new things all the time, faces her fears and reaches her goals with determination. I feel lucky to know her, much less work with her.

Amanda notices the little things people do, and she shows her appreciation in kind and generous ways... and sometimes she brings me cookies. Every day is better with cookies.

Nominated by Alana Karsch