Brian Deems is a Telecare Hero!

Brian has been a Regional BOM for over three years now and is known by his team as an amazing boss and terrific leader!!  Some of the things his team appreciates about him are…

“He challenges me instead of giving me the answers. He arms me with knowledge and presents material in a way that makes my job much more interesting. I also like the way he says ‘incorrect’ or ‘this is how I would do it.’”

“Brian is always encouraging and energetic. His humble personality brings a sense of comfort to you when you are learning from him. He goes above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable with any tasks and is always willing to lend a hand. I am beyond appreciative of his inordinate leadership and immense knowledge. He is truly one of a kind. Two thumbs up for Brian!!!!”

“Brian truly is a sense of calm when the duties of the BOM office can be anything but. He is always available no matter how small the issue is and if he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll help you figure it out. He’s a supportive leader who is there to give me the tools I need to do my job well. I am so grateful for his leadership and support!”

“Brian is a great teacher and a supervisor I can respect. He is very patient and has a wonderful way of letting you work through the question to come up with the solution. He seems to have the confidence in you when you don’t have it yourself.”

“Brian is a patient, supportive and kind boss. He makes sure you understand your duties and explains things in a manner that make you think and helps you understand why it needs to be done this way or that way. If you have any questions, concerns or just need to talk he always makes sure that you know he’s available. He encourages you to work through problems first, and helps you out when you get stumped. I truly enjoy working for him.”

Thank you for everything you do Brian!

Nominated by your BOMs