Silke Ruschmann is a Telecare Hero!

Silke is an incredibly compassionate, sweet, funny, intelligent, and amazing person. She reflects all of these qualities at work and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all patients in an efficient manner. She always makes time to explain various information about medications and is empathetic while listening to the concerns of clients. Silke always comes to work with a positive, cheerful, and caring attitude. Not only does she make a profound difference in the lives of residents and coworkers, but she also is an excellent team player. This is shown by collaborating with other coworkers to provide the most effective treatment for individuals. Added to that, she responds well to high stress-situations and is very respectful of others. It is completely evident that she takes her job seriously, has strong work ethic, good morals, and is exceptionally easy to get along with.

Her cheerful smile and compassionate manner when talking to coworkers and residents, as well as her thoughtfulness and generosity, are some of my favorite things about her. Around the holidays in December, she made handmade jewelry for female coworkers, and often brings in yummy treats for everyone to share.

She deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and the difference she has made in the lives of many at Telecare North Sound E&T.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards