Julie Potts is a Telecare Hero!

Julie goes the long way when it comes to our clients at North Sound E & T. She is always kind and will do everything she can to help her clients. She works well with all of the staff and clients and is kind, compassionate, and caring for all. Julie is very passionate about her job and always willing to lend a helping hand when you need it. Her kindness, compassion, smile, and the way she makes you feel like family make her a true Telecare Hero!

Nominated by Jamie Polubinski

Julie comes in everyday giving her all–110 percent. She is a compassionate, positive, and encouraging team player. Julie is always willing to step up and go above and beyond her tasks as a Recovery Specialist. She has a genuine care for every patient. She has great insight into giving motivation to patients to work on their recovery, as well as extending empathy for time to heal. Julie cares for her coworkers to give words of support and encouragement.

Julie is a genuine caring coworker and friend, who reminds me to find a reason each day to smile, and brings doughnuts to work!

Nominated by Candace Reynolds