Sarah Mollet-Folta is a Telecare Hero!

The IHOT program is undergoing an expansion and recently has experienced some staffing changes. These changes possibly led to an oversight when scheduling a Family Coach leader for one of the support groups and the group was left without a facilitator. Not to fear, Sarah was here! Sarah was about to take lunch, but being the only clinical team member in the office instantly put that aside to help the individuals who presented for group that day. She willingly led a group she is not responsible for and did it awesomely!

Sarah Mollet-Folta is a rainbow to our program with her cheeriness, her great sense of humor, and her exemplary “can do” attitude. She is liked by her participants because she goes above and beyond during her outreaches and has been blessed with a warm and enveloping persona. As a co-worker, she is approachable, always has time, and is refreshingly candid in her commentary.

Thank you, Sarah, for stepping-in when needed and being a Telecare hero!

Nominated by anonymous