Martin Alvarez is a Telecare Hero!

In being part of an FSP program, it goes without saying that a crisis situation may happen at any given time. Within our team we have someone who is always up for the challenge and works diligently to resolve crisis situations as they arise. Our Telecare hero is Martin. Martin is someone who is always willing to help a team member in need. When the team is faced with a crisis situation, Martin is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our members well being. As a team, we are always astonished to see some of the amazing things Martin is able to do with his “whatever it takes” attitude. In addition to being an amazing co-worker and case manager, Martin is balancing being an MFT graduate student and great dad! We want to acknowledge all of Martin’s hard work and thank him for all he does. We all know that Martin’s life will always be filled with much happiness because of the positive qualities that he shares with the LAOA team and community.

Favorite things about Martin are his quirky sense of humor and positive attitude. He has ability to spread his good mood to everyone around him.

Nominated by Team LAOA