Monique Ward is a Telecare Hero!

Monique Ward is unique and she is my Telecare Hero!

Reviewing the payroll package from the UPS on Thursday afternoon, I noticed one of our new employee’s check was missing. I sent an email to the Payroll department letting them know about the missing check.

I found out later that the missing check was inadvertently mailed to Sanger Place. Monique is the BOM/AA/HR in Sanger Place. She sent an email to the payroll about receiving an extra check that does not belong to her program and asked how to proceed. Brandi from the payroll asked Monique if she can send the check via FedEx.

Monique went to FedExp immediately. She went above and beyond to make sure the check delivered to our program just in time for pay day. It was the first check for our new employee – so it was a “live check”. She sent me an email, telling me, “The check should be there first thing in the morning.”

We got the check the next day, Friday, mid-morning!  I was so happy and the new employee was unaware that he almost did not get his check on pay day.

I admire Monique’s quick action. She emailed the payroll at once when she found out she has extra check that does not belong to her program, and she did not waste time in going to the FedEx.

Her speedy action, hard work, and kindness makes her a unique employee and that’s what makes her my Telecare Hero. We have not met in person, but I feel like I’ve known her for a long time.

Nominated by Elizabeth Warken, STEPS OC