Elizabeth Armstrong is a Telecare Hero!

As a short-term facility, we see many people from week-to-week. Elizabeth is a juggernaut of support and caring to our clients, we can always be sure that at least a few people each week will be asking to see her one-on-one! This is because she gives them her full presence from their first interaction with her, and she will always make space in her shift to talk to them for as long as they feel they need to.

Elizabeth is one of the great buoys of morale for our team. The humor she creates with coworkers puts on a great attitude for the milieu. Her relaxed, yet on-point approach to tasks keeps a good flow to the day. And her flexibility to share tasks really helps us give our clients the best support.

Today, we had a former client show up at our door. They were in serious distress after losing their housing and was discharged to a hospital, at which they voluntarily brought themselves and received no mental health services. Elizabeth met this individual downstairs in our lobby and spent close to an hour with them to listen to what’s happening, assess if they were appropriate to come back to our program, and to provide support and guidance. By bringing the team together, sending the individual to urgent care for a referral, and partnering with Pamela Doris (our team lead) with QMHP admit duties, Elizabeth was able to bring our client to CATC, where he feels safe, within a few hours of him showing up at our doorstep!

Elizabeth is amazing at collaborating with the team to individualize the approach we take with each of our guests. She keeps a caring eye on everyone, including her coworkers.

Nominated by anonymous