Jen Patterson is a Telecare Hero!

Jen is a super rad rock star! Back in December, Jen stepped up where I was falling short and made sure that all appointments and last minute scheduling changes for med transports had been updated and confirmed, no questions asked. And since that time Jen has been accepted as our Intake & Discharge (& appointment) coordinator! Supreme hustle. I appreciate you so much, Jen. Thank you for all that you do for our residents. It’s one of those things where so much gets done for someone that has little or no realization of the effort being put in for them. You put that effort in for those we serve. Thank you.

My favorite thing about Jen is her persistence to the consistency of positive energy. Even when a tough situation needs to be addressed or resolved there is a genuine positivity about her that exudes compassion and understanding.

Nominated by Tim Leewehage