Mike Hourigan is a Telecare Hero!

As with every organization, there are staffing ebbs and flows. At Pierce County E&T in Lakewood, Washington, we’ve had a lot of movement recently. With the retirement of one of our founding staff members, a promotion, and another long-standing staff member moving to the new Telecare program that recently opened in Tumwater, the social services team was suddenly very thin on the ground.

During this time, Mike Hourigan, our amazing Music Therapist, stepped in and graciously, gracefully, and with such great humor, picked up so many of the tasks that were teetering on the edge of falling through the cracks–and this all in addition to his regular duties!

On any given day, Mike can be found running the supremely popular karaoke groups with clients, playing a soothing guitar to calm an anxious milieu, or successfully supporting some of our more reluctant clients in finding expression through drumming–and so much more! No matter what needs to be done, Mike’s “can do” attitude has been a foundational element in maintaining our excellent client care. 

Nominated by Toby Estler at Pierce County E&T