Bailey Thirloway is a Telecare Hero!

Bailey is an incredible nurse with a heart of gold and literally the best fashion sense west of the Mississippi! Her love for Telecare and service runs long, deep, and hard-working across six programs and two states!

Bailey began her journey as a spry Recovery Specialist, hungry for a challenge and eager to provide service to her clients with the utmost of respect and dignity. Bailey was so influential, so warm and loving, that even members from previous facilities STILL talk about her! And now as a Registered Nurse, Bailey continues to provide the physical care, medication, and education to the most vulnerable of our society. So dedicated in fact, she moved thousands of miles away for nursing school, determined to accomplish her dream and return to Telecare to continue her excellent service. Not only to our members, but also to her co-workers, whom trust and respect her so much they have requested her by name for TB tests or flu vaccines. Her gentle touch and great sense of humor always eases the fears of even those MOST terrified of needles! Bailey is the very definition of a Telecare Hero, and makes me proud just calling her my co-worker!

My favorite thing about Bailey is by far her dedication to the work we do and her progressive and forward-thinking fashion sense. Bailey literally CAN even!

Nominated by anonymous