Wanda Bennett and Elise Naughtin-Pike are Telecare Heroes!

Our dynamic duo Wanda Bennett and Elise Naughtin-Pike work tirelessly and often behind the scenes to keep our work space safe and beautiful, our staff happy and informed, and our program running smoothly day after day. They are heroes to us all at Gateway to Recovery, Transition Team, Project 25, Pathway to Recovery, and In-Reach. We want to send them a special thank you at this time of year for helping us celebrate as a family in organizing and taking the lead on our Annual Thanksgiving Member Dinner. It is a huge event with over 120 attendees and involves coordinating the space, caterers, event staff, karaoke, entertainment, and prizes. They have consistently been able to get the vendors to comp their rates and every year the event service staff thank us for allowing them to be a part of the celebration. Our staff work together to ensure transportation for all because for many of the guests, this white table cloth event is their only Thanksgiving celebration and we are their only family. The traditional turkey feast with all the fixings ? stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish and deserts is enjoyed amongst all and together we give thanks for the strides we are making and for all that is good in our lives.

Nominated by Jessica Jones, Gateway to Recovery, Transition Team, Pathway to Recovery and In-Reach