Diana Hargrove is a Telecare Hero!

As a social worker, Diana has an extremely strong work ethic and is excellent at getting her work done efficiently while still making sure to attend to all of the details of each client. She has a hilarious sense of humor that will often open the door to conversations with clients who may otherwise be closed off. After building rapport, she delves deeper into the client's struggles and explores how to best meet their needs for outpatient care upon discharge from this facility. Diana's communication is always very assertive, direct, and clear with coworkers and residents. One of her many strengths she has is taking initiative to set clear and appropriate boundaries with others to create a healthy therapeutic relationship. Not only am I fortunate to have her as a wonderful and caring friend, but also an extremely valuable professional here at Telecare.

One of my favorite things about Diana is hearing her singing a wide variety of songs when I walk into the break room. Her comical remarks and her theatrical singing is always sure to bring a smile to my face.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards, North Sound E&T