Tyvonne Berring is a Telecare Hero!

Thurston-Mason is a new Evaluation and Treatment program and has had clients for one month. Tyvonne is our Clinical Director and came on board three months before the facility opened. She was able to get acclimated to the Telecare culture and form good working relationships with the local behavioral health leadership and law enforcement partners. She did this while hiring an amazing group of staff to care for our clients. As we continue to hire and have staff vacancies, Tyvonne has been present on every shift, on weekends, and on very long days where she has worked endless hours to ensure that our clients receive the best care possible.

Tyvonne is also very clinically skilled and does not hesitate to work directly with our clients when needed. She has provided mentorship and education to our clinical staff and has walked them through the legal steps when involuntary treatment is needed. She has a talent for providing information to the team in a way that is non-threatening and able to be heard. She demonstrates respect for clients, staff, family, and community. While the work we do is important and serious work, Tyvonne maintains a sense of humor and is able to appropriately see the lighter side of our day to day work.

Tyvonne is an amazing leader and staff do not hesitate to come to her with concerns, ideas, or just to have a second set of eyes and ears on a complex situation. Telecare is lucky to have her on our team!

Nominated by Pam Haithcox Eggleston