Jen Obermeyer is a Telecare Hero!

I think Jen is an awesome administrator for a few different reasons. She shows her appreciation to her employees, which has a big impact! It means a lot to hear your administrator telling you, “Thank you!” and, “Good Job!”

Jen also shows she appreciates us by treating us to coffee, which always makes our days a whole lot better. She is very considerate. Jen asks us for our opinions before changing the way something is done and she truly values our input, which is super cool! It would be so easy as an administrator to just simply make or change rules the way that you see fit without thinking to ask the rest of the employees what their opinions are, especially when you have as much going on as Jen does.

Jen is the administrator for two different Telecare programs, and she makes a point to find time to include her employees in the decision making process and to show us she values us. Jen has always welcomed our feedback and given us the freedom and wiggle room to try different ways of doing things without having to worry about committing to anything as a permanent change. When the administrator is optimistic, open minded, genuine, kind, and appreciative, it has a big impact on the entire work place–most importantly the clients. When the staff feel valued, trusted, and cared for, it shows, and it makes for a wonderful workplace all around!

Nominated by anonymous