Candice Webb, Meghan Lawless, and S. Christopher Tibbits are Telecare Heroes!

Clark County Transitional Case Management (TCM) Team began in May of 2015, since it’s inception these three individuals exemplify the mission of Telecare! Candice Webb, Meghan Lawless, and S. Christopher Tibbits will go the extra mile to assist those we serve through the transition from the E&T unit into their out-patient providers. These three individuals are always willing to assist those we serve, offering those most vulnerable individuals, care compassion, and are able to establish a trust with those served. This was never more evident than getting a call from a former individual served, whose family member went into a mental health crisis, and called the TCM Team, because they stated that they did not know who else to call who would help. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this team.

My favorite things about these three co-workers, not ever knowing what is in store for our day, is how they bring professionalism into their work daily and tirelessly.

Nominated by Richard Whittington, Clark County TCM