Peter Irving is a Telecare Hero!

Peter always goes above and beyond the call of duty. I’ve recently started working with him on the discharge team and have am impressed by his positive nature, hard work, and knowledge base. Frequently he gives his card out to people that discharge that may still be struggling, and he encourages them to call him to check in. I’ve taken at least 3 messages from former clients that are calling to talk with Peter and get some extra support. He keeps records of where most of our former clients have discharged, and if they return is able to jump on getting services set up with them.

Even when the day, or sometimes, week is more stressful then the norm, he knows how to pep the team up. I filled in for him while he was on vacation and learned a great deal about the extra work he puts in. He is an asset to the CATC team and we are incredibly luck to have him. I’m looking forward to learning from him and working with him on discharge planning.

My favorite thing about Peter is he can usually help others feel better about the worst situations. He is good about remaining positive, but also telling it how it is. I like that he can be straight forward with clients and staff, but has enough of a soft side that you don’t feel awful following the conversation. He has good insight into the resident’s situations and uses this ability to encourage them to work towards their goals.

When I filled in for him for a couple of weeks ago, he was so kind upon returning. I had received a quick training and was able to manage on my own, but did struggle at times. After he returned he sat me down and gave me nothing but positive feedback on my work. It felt wonderful knowing such an impressive employee thought my work was good.

Nominated by anonymous