Grant Clarke is a Telecare Hero!

Grant has exceeded the expectations of a leader. He is not only a manager, but an innovative leader as well. He has guided us through the start-up process and continues to focus on the vision to improve the quality of care for our members from the day the program took off. He is a loving and supportive person who creates a positive “good feeling” culture for both staff and members. He comes to work every day with a big smile and always reminds us that self-care is a priority. He motivates us to think creatively as an individual and work cohesively as a team. He promotes autonomy and always encourages us to pursue our dreams and have visions in life, like he has a vision for our program. The recovery culture is present at our program because his leadership fosters the concept that both members and staff have the capacity to grow personally and professionally. It is with great pleasure to nominate him as a Telecare Hero.

Grant brightens up our offices with his great sense of humor. He is transparent with his feelings and his door is always open. He has a big heart and passionate about helping staff grow. He is personable and it is never a dull moment when he is present.

Nominated by the staff at TAO South