Sabrina Spellman is a Telecare Hero!

“You should ask Sabrina,” is the most frequently used phrase at Sausal Creek. Sabrina is the person everyone goes to for the question that for whom no one has an answer! Not only will she have the answer, but given the nature of the question, she may provide details for a comprehensive understanding of the question posed. There are no unanswered questions!

Sabrina frequently steps out of her assigned role, using her tool box to put together office equipment; taking the initiative to step-in for absent staff; and, on one occasion, she moved a bed set from our garbage receptacle so the city would pick it up!

Sabrina is the consummate professional, problem-solver and unofficial counselor at Sausal Creek. Staff will often drop-in to resolve conflicts, seek advice or receive support. Her interpersonal skills are excellent!  Sabrina’s sense of humor also does not go unnoticed! Sabrina’s bright spirit can light up a room!

Nominated by the staff of Sausal Creek