Susan Atwell is a Telecare Hero!

Susan is incredible! She has been the BOM/HR for our programs since 2009 and has seen the programs through changes in staffing, changes in contract requirements, changes in vendors, and a change in administrators. Susan clearly has a deep personal interest in the success of our programs. She is able to juggle the demands and expectations from two different contracts and has been central to maintaining the staffing for both programs through her work with HR. She is often the first to arrive at work and the last to go home. All of this with a consistently humble and positive attitude and a cheerful smile that we can count on daily. Susan has been both and anchor and an angel for our programs. She is our HERO!

I have a lot of favorite things about Susan, but my most favorite is her smile and her laugh. She brings warmth sunshine into the most stressful and taxing situations.

Nominated by anonymous