Dina ‘Dee’ Lay is a Telecare Hero!

eremy House staff and residents would like to honor Dee as our Telecare Hero. To be a HERO at our program, staff must be able to demonstrate leadership skills, be a partner in recovery, be compassionate, show respect to peers and members, demonstrateteam work and hard work, be able to take  initiative, be dependable, be flexible, get along well with peers and residents, be an advocate, be creative, be encouraging, and be non-judgmental. Dee comes to work with a positive attitude and ready to take on any challenge. Dee uses his compassion and listening skills to meet the members where they are. Many members expressed their appreciation for Dee and stated that Dee shows them respect and helped them believe in themselves. As a team member, Dee has always made himself available whenever coverage is needed. We thank Dee for his dedication, commitment, and compassion to our team and members at Jeremy House. Dee has a great sense of humor and a big smile. He is able to work with anyone on any shift and never hesitate to jump in to assist anyone in need of a hand!

Thanks Dee!!!

Nominated by Raksmey Castleman, Administrator at Jeremy House