Kym MacNeil is a Telecare Hero!

Kym is a Telecare hero in so many ways, and I acknowledge her here for her work with one member in particular.

Kym has worked closely, consistently, skillfully, and with good humor with a member who joined our program a year and a half ago. This member came to us unable to cope with, or follow through with, critical medical needs due to her overwhelming mental health symptoms and her and her husband’s chronic homelessness and life stresses. This member expressed severe hopelessness, was no longer able to walk, and was in continual conflict with family due to mental health symptoms and stress.

For a year and a half, Kym skillfully worked on building the relationship with this member and her family, improving coping skills and symptom management, accompanying her to all cancer treatment appointments and coordinating care with Stanford Hospital for long overdue, complex hip replacement surgery, assuring that her mental health needs were taken into consideration. Today, this member has stabilized psychiatrically, has a hopeful outlook on her life, is walking and recovering from her surgery, and has secure, shared housing.

Thank you Kym for your compassionate, dedicated and skillful work!

Nominated by AJ Rylaarsdam, Sonoma ACT