Bruce Sheer is a Telecare Hero!

It is always a joy to work with Bruce. Bruce shows up, ready to work. He is a constant positive presence on the floor with our patients and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

His genuine compassion and patience was challenged on May 2, 2017, when an extremely agitated patient required additional support. Bruce selflessly supported the individual through continuous “peer” counseling and information sharing for nearly two consecutive hours. His demeanor, respect, perseverance, and patience never faltered throughout the crisis. The incident concluded with a smile and a verbal “thank you” from the patient for the much-needed support.

It should be noted that this incident concluded without the need for additional medications, seclusion, or restraints!

Bruce always greets patients and staff with a smile. He continuously shares valuable information relevant to our patient’s daily needs. He is patient, kind, and a real self-starter. Bruce contributes to the overall positive and safe environment we strive to provide for everyone who enters our door.

Bruce, you’re our hero!

Nominated by Donna Franklin and Heather Oster, Riverside County CSU

Cris Webb, Becky Linhares and Marlene Romero are Telecare Heroes!

TRAC%2FTMRS%2FSHOP is very lucky to have such amazing ladies to help in organizing the chaos that can easily come about..png

Cris, Becky, and Marlene are front and center welcoming our members, directing staff/member traffic and coordinating various schedules all with a smile!  The kindness and courtesy that they show to our members on a daily basis is mind blowing. They are always looking to brighten staff and members’ days.  TRAC/TMRS/SHOP is very lucky to have such amazing ladies to help in organizing the chaos that can easily come about.

My favorite thing about these ladies is how they remember so many members and are able to ask them welcoming questions that pertain only to them in order to make the members feel so important.

Nominated by Dawn Lewis, TRAC/TMRS/SHOP

Denise Palacios is a Telecare Hero!

Denise Palacios, MSW, is a wonderful social worker on the LA Older Adult FSP team. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues in need and has given great advice and guidance to coworkers applying to social work schools, studying for licensing exams and being a great social work role model. She is very recovery-centered and always looks out for the best interest of our older adult members. She recently helped in the planning process for our annual member recognition event, the theme being "Spring Enchantment" —so she has a creative side as well. She is also smart, funny and fun to be around. Thanks Denise for all you do for LAOA.

Nominated by anonymous

Patrick Kelley is a Telecare Hero!

I would like to thank Patrick Kelley, LCSW for his work ethic and going above and beyond helping those individuals most in need.

Patrick has been an asset to the Telecare Riverside County/Indio CSU since the day he started and is a great team player. He is always taking the high road and offering a different perspective to a difficult situation making the shift fun. He is always willing to help out no matter what the situation may be and offer a kind word to brighten the day of a co-worker. Patrick is compassionate yet firm when needed, and his insight and connection to community resources are most helpful. I appreciate you and all your efforts!!

Nominated by Mary Hurtado

Gema Posadas is a Telecare Hero!

Gema has a quiet and gentle nature about her that is calming and warm to residents and staff alike. She carries it with her throughout her work and her interactions with others. She goes along with the flow and is a cooperative team player. She engages residents and staff in a peaceful way, and she also works hard to engage with everyone around her even when they are challenging.

What stands out about Gema and what makes her a Telecare hero is her steadfast hard work to build a one-on-one relationship with one of the more challenging residents here to build with. Gema was assigned a more difficult resident to provide one-to-one support to and at first was a bit discouraged because he would always tell her to get out of his room. I coached her in pairing with the resident by just sitting with him in his room even if he didn’t talk with her. Gema did just that, over and over again. After days of doing this with the resident, Gema started to see progress. The resident began speaking to her and will now say “hi” to others in the hallway. What’s admirable about this is that Gema persevered and never gave up! Now, she is excited to confront challenges due to the experience of one being rewarded.

One of the best qualities in Gema is her quiet dedication and perseverance that she carries with her in her work. She is also always very eager to learn and to grow internally as well as externally. She is enthusiastic about developing her own skill set which is very admirable.

Nominated by Tara Leiker

Brenda Cameron is a Telecare Hero!

If I could only use one word to describe Brenda it would be leader. Brenda moved to a shift that had open positions and low morale and immediately began recruiting people; she took co-workers under her wing teaching and modeling the different tasks to be completed. Another word would be communicator! She keeps her co-workers informed; she communicates concerns at pass-down, she emails and calls the admin staff when she has filled an open shift or is working on something.

If I could only use one word to describe Brenda it would be cheerful, great smile, positive, energetic, colorful, helpful, fun, friendly, talented, and recovery centered.


Sanji Brij is a Telecare Hero!

Our employee of the month rightfully deserves it! Sanji is always willing to help out whenever needed, she is the epitome of “team player”. She’s been part of the Morton Bakar Center (MBC) family for 11 years now with excellent customer service. She brings such positive energy especially when it is most needed. With her vibrant personality, she has been a very reliable and welcoming receptionist for years before she moved to the business office as Financial Services Technician.

Although the nature of her work does not entail direct patient care, she shows that she truly cares and gives residents and their representatives the reassurance that they will be given the best care possible. She steps up when extra hands and minds are needed, be it training a new employee or stepping up when her boss is away. Our Employee of the Month not only works hard, she also plays hard. She is one of the biggest 49ers fan you’ll ever know. What sets her apart from most is that she’s also a huge (HUGE!) fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so big of a fan that her coffee mug has his face in it! To say the least, she is truly inspiring.

The whole MBC team admire and congratulate Sanjana “Sanji” Brij for a much-deserved recognition. Sanji, you ROCK!!!

Melinda Howard is a Telecare Hero!


Melinda is “battle-tested.” She perseveres under extreme circumstances with a smile and a kind word. She is constantly thinking about how to make our program better, instead of what went wrong and is a master at reframing perspective. I am learning a lot from Melinda, and am in awe of how she maintains calm on a daily basis when she is pulled in millions of directions. With all the responsibilities she has, Melinda is still able to meet people on a personal level. She makes people feel unique and special.

Nominated by anonymous

Amanda Sadri is a Telecare Hero!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda for the past two and a half years at IHOT, and throughout this time our team has witnessed her consistently going above and beyond to support our family members and step-in as a Case Manager when needed. For a period of time, she was our only Spanish speaking team member who worked with our Spanish speaking participant’s as well as their families.

Most recently, Amanda has been providing me with support as a Case Manager working with a participant who not only speaks Vietnamese, but is also mostly deaf. With Amanda’s dedicated support, we have been able to build a trusting relationship and successfully connect our participant to a primary care physician for the first time in four years!

Nominated by Shanna Talant at IHOT

Marilyn Zavala is a Telecare Hero!

Marilyn Zavala is our Administrative & HR Assistant for both TAO South in Costa Mesa and TAO North in Anaheim, CA.

Marilyn is an example of a dedicated employee within the Telecare family. She appears to do her difficult job with ease because she does it from her heart and with real intention.

Marilyn has been with the agency for more than a decade, yet her motivation continues to burn brightly as she always takes on difficult tasks and challenges with an open mind. She demonstrates leadership skills and encourages personal growth for staff. She mentors staff around her who have hopes and dreams of moving forward in their professional life within Telecare. No matter how busy she is, she always listens and stops whatever she is doing to give you her full attention. Her kindness, loyalty, and helpfulness resonate with the members and staff of all levels.

Marilyn, you are a true Telecare Hero!

Nominated by Em. D. Bui at TAO South

Carrie Reese is a Telecare Hero!

Carrie has been an integral part of the recent expansion of the Orange County Assisted Outpatient Treatment program in Santa Ana, CA. She has spent countless hours supporting the process in ways both large and small while maintaining a positive, helpful attitude. She has gone above and beyond to assist in any way possible by anticipating the needs of the team during this transition.

To welcome the staff to their new home, Carrie created “AOT Survival Kits” for each of the team members. On behalf of the staff and members of OC AOT, we are grateful and appreciative to have Carrie as the Office Coordinator/AAHR for our program!

Nominated by Anna Bowes, Administrator of Orange County AOT

The PM Team at North Sound E&T Are Telecare Heroes!

The entire PM Team at North Sound E&T came together to be an amazing source of support and care to our guests. The team works diligently to uphold Telecare’s recovery-focused services, and does so in a way that brings out the best in them and others. We appreciate their great sense of humor and always willing to help out. All of us at North Sound wish to thank Leanne, Mary, Reidun, Brenda, Steven, Barbara, Caroline, Rachel, and Candi for their outstanding work together as a team!

Nominated by Gregg von Fempe, North Sound E&T

Lena Witkowski is a Telecare Hero!

Lena stepped in as our nursing coordinator during a time we were undergoing major changes at the Recovery Center at Gresham. She hit the floor running and continues to successfully manage a multitude of responsibilities. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow into her role.

Lena is very knowledgeable and stays on top of keeping our policies updated–a chore in itself! She is always kind and compassionate to our residents and supportive to staff. She has a way of putting you at ease, even when discussing an uncomfortable topic. We have had significant staffing issues, but she is always there to step in when needed. No matter what is going on, she never complains. Always professional, she goes the extra mile. One night when I came in to work, I casually mentioned I burned my dinner and didn’t get a chance to eat. To my surprise, she left and returned with a frozen dinner entree she had purchased for me!

Before Lena became our coordinator, she was a staff RN at our facility. When I transferred here, I felt very uncomfortable, but she always made me feel accepted and worthwhile.

Nominated by Sharon Aumani at The Recovery Center @ Gresham

Thuy Huynh is a Telecare Hero!


Thuy is a superstar at Jeremy House. Thuy goes above and beyond her role as a nurse to ensure that the team and the residents’ needs are met. Thuy takes her time to train new team members with medication assistance training, and empowers the team by providing ongoing training so they can feel comfortable with medication assistance.

Thuy also volunteers to help out with grocery shopping, always is looking for sales and coupons to have extra money for the program, cleans the facility to keep the environment healthy, and feeds all of us with her famous “Eggplants Delights” and super delicious “Red Chicken”.

Thuy is our Telecare Hero because she is honest, caring, genuine, thoughtful, and ALWAYS puts in 110% in her work. Kudos Thuy! We appreciate you!

Shamila Kumar is a Telecare Hero!

Shamila is someone who is often quiet and goes under the radar here at Morton Bakar Center. She is very precise and organized in her work, always follows through on tasks, and uses a teammate approach when working with others.

Shamila always strives to help residents look good and encourages them to practice self-independence with their ADL care. During this time of not having a hairdresser, she even stepped outside of her scope and offered residents free haircuts! She was so good at it that other residents even began to request her to do it for them.

Nominated by Maria Thompson at Morton Bakar Center

Jessica Felty is a Telecare Hero!

Jessica is a big part of our team here at North Sound E&T and regularly goes beyond her duties as a unit clerk. "No job too big, no job too small"–that is the motto I would use with Jessica.

Jessica always has a smile and nice words for clients and co-workers alike. She will go above and beyond to help a co-worker as well as a client, and she does it with a smile. She is very professional in dealing with the visitors that arrive at the facility to visit family members. If we need someone to come in and cover a shift, Jessica is on it. Jessica is what I see as a true Telecare HERO.

Nominated by anonymous

Carnell King is a Telecare Hero!

Carnell is a quiet leader who is always leading by example for peers. He has a great ability to mentor junior Recovery Specialists and is always helpful and generous with his time with clients, whether it is de-escalating an agitated individual or helping them manage day-to-day functions.

He is exemplary in fulfilling his duties whether it be therapeutic interaction with clients or paperwork, you can always count on the best from Carnell! As a team member, you know Carnell will always be there for you!

Carnell’s attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple stressful situations is a real asset to Telecare!

Nominated by North Sound E&T

Steve Dykes is a Telecare Hero!

Steve is always willing to lend a helping hand or advice when needed, whether it is helping a coworker or working with the most difficult client. Steve is patient in even the most difficult situations, and always has what is best for the client and the team in the forefront of his mind. His understanding and concern for the clients and team are genuinely felt. As a team member, you never have to wonder if Steve will make the right decision and you never have to second guess what he might do–plus, he is always ready to tackle the tallest hurdle!

My favorite thing about Steve is his ability to always think about and act toward the de-escalation of a client, but always keeping in mind other alternatives if an attempt at verbal de-escalation fails.

Nominated by North Sound E&T