Tabitha Johnson is a Telecare Hero!

One of Telecare's NEW Summer '17 programs, LAGOS (a voluntary Crisis Residential Treatment facility), opened successfully on July 1, 2017, in Riverside County.  Already, we would like to nominate our new colleague, Tabitha Johnson, as a Telecare Hero! Tabitha is a new Telecare team member who is serving in the role of a Peer Recovery Coach.  As with any new program, there can sometimes be challenges with "who does what, when?" and properly training all new staff. Tabitha started her first shift on day eight of the program without any formal Telecare training but instead, Tabitha jumped right in and began shadowing staff that had been there for seven days to get an initial understanding of the program and her role.

Within her first hour, Tabitha was focused in on having recovery-oriented conversations with residents in a meaningful and caring way—supporting their goals of strengthening their recovery so that they could transition back into their natural community. Ms. Johnson providing peer support services was inspiring to watch—but there is more! When Tabitha heard that there were going to be some open shifts where we did not yet secure coverage—including the very next shift following her very first shift—she immediately, with a smile, enthusiastically volunteered to stay and to cover the upcoming days by working double back to back shifts all on her very first day!

Thank you, Tabitha, for already going above and beyond in your commitment to Telecare and those we serve—you're a shining example of living the Telecare Mission! We appreciate you and look forward to all the continued contributions you'll be making at LAGOS and beyond.

Nominated by Jennifer Hinkel, Gary Hubbard, and Bea Serafin

Jasdeep Bajwa is a Telecare Hero!

Morton Bakar Center's Employee of the Month is extra special for July. This employee was nominated by our very own resident during the Resident Council monthly meeting. During the announcement portion of the meeting, Carol felt the need to highlight this employee from the nursing department. She stated, "I would like to acknowledge this young lady for all the hard work that she does. Not only does she listen to me, she always follows up on my request and is polite and patient with me. The best thing about her is that she uses appropriate language and it is obvious that she truly cares about us as residents. That's why she deserves to be the employee of the month."

We would like to congratulate Jasdeep on doing an amazing job. Thank you for being so attentive and caring towards our residents.

Nominated by a resident at Morton Bakar Center

Rena Nunes is a Telecare Hero!

Responsible, efficient, and unquestionable dedication to the Telecare San Mateo Transitions business office—those are only a few of the inclusive things done by Rena. She has added and established technical ways to alleviate and naturalize crises with humanitarian and hospitality-type warmth. She brings to light services needed in the 'daily' usages of the entire office.

Rena understands the cost care of every member: rental agreements, allowances, outside payments, and more. She gathers all materials and needed accounts for things purchased, invoiced, and/or accountable. Her devotion and service mirror the Telecare Mission Statement. Rena favors no needed support and is inspiring to the program, constantly providing information and tools to use to better treat the members and office staff needs. She is also a diffident reminder to everyone about their working commitments and helpful in organizing folders and pamphlets to assist with having things in order.  And, without question, knows her job. A devoted grandmother and employee that's effective, supportive, dedicated, needed and well liked—that is Rena Nunes.

Nominated by anonymous

Jennifer Waldo is a Telecare Hero!

Jennifer is an all-star co-worker and peer support at Stults House in Portland, Oregon. She is an excellent advocate for our clients and always provides a valuable perspective to team discussions. Her attention to detail helps our program stay organized and running smoothly! She is flexible and willing to help the team out when she can by staying late or working a different shift. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and shows unconditional compassion for others.

Nominated by Dani Dierking

Claudia Michel is a Telecare Hero!

I went around the RISE program in Riverside, CA to ask people what made Claudia a Telecare hero since I am not one for words. Not one person hesitated in describing her as “above and beyond.”

Here are a few things that make her a Telecare hero every day (without complaint): Claudia takes the time to really listen to everyone whether a member or co-worker. She goes above and beyond in supporting staff in making sure they have what they need to do their jobs including coffee! She provides the most calming and positive office vibe/atmosphere of anybody around. She is always on top of things and making sure the office is kept informed of important policies and procedures. Claudia’s knowledge of her job shines through in everything she does. She is always happy and shares that happiness and joy with everyone unconditionally (it’s contagious). She is spirited and passionate about what she does. She is willing to go out of the way to assist whoever comes to her with a need. She is our office mother and ensures that everyone is taken care of physically, emotionally and mentally because she is the absolute best!

My favorite thing about her is her smile and attitude while working even on the most stressful day.


Nominated by Jessica Doubleday & the RISE staff

Nick Jameson is a Telecare Hero!

Disclaimer: The following is going to come off like cheesy schlock, but I’m feeling cheesy and schlocky today. This guy is simply awesome to work with. The only bad thing about the guy is his stubborn refusal to believe in Bigfoot despite all of the perfectly verifiable evidence of his/her existence.

Telecare’s Recovery Philosophy is not simply a gimmick or slogan for Nick-it’s the way he operates in the world. His quest to grow both personally and professionally is unmatched and we are lucky to have him on our team.

I would like to share a poem (which is neither cheese nor schlock) he wrote which sums him up quite well:

Nominated by Jon Furlong, Deschutes Recovery Center

Tiffany Gross is a Telecare Hero!

I would like to acknowledge a new Team Member at Telecare’s Woodburn Recovery Center (WRC) whose currently the graveyard shift RN at WRC, Tiffany Gross. Tiffany is a positive addition to our workforce and joined the WRC team about two months ago.

Tiffany is an excellent role model for staff and has great relationships with our residents. We recently had a group camping trip with five WRC residents. Tiffany teamed up with a co-worker and itemized all of the resident’s medications for the three-day trip. The work she did made the camping trip a success and supported the resident’s confidence in understanding the value of their medications and their assigned times for disbursement. In addition, it gave me lots of confidence in my role of passing them out — no errors of course. Her willingness to stay professional, even in challenging situations, and to call it like she see’s it is another great addition to our team. She’s a TELECARE HERO for her dedication to the WRC program and her service to staff and residents with dignity and respect.

Nominated by Franklin “Ron” Weaver

Margie Hertz is a Telecare Hero!

Margie Hertz is the other nursing staff that assisted with the medication coordination for the Woodburn Recovery Center (WRC) camping trip last week (in addition to Tiffany Gross). Margie Hertz has been with our nursing department at WRC for two years and is currently working several shifts assisting while we are short-handed in the nursing department.

Margie is well liked by all of our residents and staff and is the founder of the WRC Emotional Intelligence program recently shared with the Gresham program. The energy she brings and the way she is always positive and vested in what’s happening with the residents is one of my favorite things about her.

Margie is always getting the residents to smile, laugh and engage and it’s clear that she has the passion and compassion for this work. For this and many other things, Margie Hertz is a TELECARE HERO.

Nominated by Franklin “Ron” Weaver

Susan Silva is a Telecare Hero!

Susan goes above and beyond in her position as a prescriber at our facility. She meets with clients on a frequent basis and is compassionate and patient. Additionally, she evaluates all aspects of their treatment to make the best possible decision with their medications. It is so wonderful to be able to talk to Susan, ask questions, and provide her with information as she makes herself available for this collaboration. She always has an open mind, positive attitude, and is committed to the highest level of care for residents at North Sound E&T. She is exceptional in her role with the clients as well as how she communicates with coworkers. Working with Susan is truly a delight!

One of my favorite things about Susan is her sense of humor and that she is straight forward and down to earth. Thank you, Susan, for all that you do!

Nominated by Anonymous

The Sonoma ACT Team are Telecare Heroes!

Nitzy, Marjouri, Allison, Shawna, Dr. Farhie, Catherine, Kym, Nicole, Aundray, and AJ work very hard to help the members of Sonoma County. We are small, but amazingly seem to move mountains as we service over 60 people. I am very fortunate to have such a supportive and helpful team in all areas. Everyone goes far and beyond to make sure our consumers are being treated well, receiving appropriate treatment, and most of all treated like they matter and are important members of society. I have worked mental health crisis for nine years and have never seen such teamwork and dedication. Kudos guys!

Nominated by Shanika Rose

Benjamin Delgado is a Telecare Hero!

Ben has gone above and beyond this month to help provide great quality care for our clients on the PHF unit. In particular, with one client who came to our program from a Board and Care who was diagnosed with Autism and needed additional assistance in support on the floor, taking care of his ADLS, and keeping him occupied with activities to do during the day. Ben did an exceptional job providing care for this client by being proactive in his needs, being a support for him, and making the client feel comfortable in his environment while he was with us. Ben is the type of individual that is caring, compassionate and makes every client feel they are just the same as everyone else. Great job, Ben, on your continued hard work and dedication to our clients, team, and facility here at the Telecare Indio PHF. You Rock!

Nominated by Kylie De La Torre

Ben is such a great asset to Telecare. We have an acute unit with many challenging patients at one time, and with limited staffing, Ben always seems to diffuse agitation by taking patient outside or redirecting them making it look so easy. Ben is always patient, positive and professional in difficult situations. I always feel safe when I have Ben on my team!!

Nominated by Marina Rivera

Christy Tyner is a Telecare Hero!


Christy offers amazing, consistent, effective, and responsive support for Relias. Whenever I have had a challenge with accessing materials, getting course information, or am trying to coordinate off-site training to make the best use of my time, Christy is always there to come up with a solution. I appreciate Christy's "can do" attitude and her help always comes with an amazing, positive attitude. Thank you, Christy, for not only what you do, but the gracious way that you do it. You are a Telecare hero!

Nominated by Toby Estler, Pierce County E&T

Art Gama is a Telecare Hero!

Art has been with Telecare for over 20 years and exemplifies what it means to be a Telecare Hero.

Alongside the recovery-centered work that he does with members on a daily basis, he is continually working to improve the HOP program and creates an environment which facilitates growth for our members and colleagues. He has been integral in planning regular member events, including Dodger games and member picnics. He also regularly plans smaller member events such as golfing, movie events, and opportunities for members to engage with one another.

Art has a natural leadership ability, and the team often looks to Art for guidance and support. He has headed up CORE (COEG) groups, Harm Reduction groups, and Common Ground groups at the HOP which help guide members in their recovery. Art is truly our Hero at HOP!

Art has an incredible sense of humor and always knows how to brighten up the room. He can always gauge when someone is having a bad day and provides unconditional support. Thank you, Art, for all that you do!

Nominated by Telecare LA HOP

Velma Clemons is a Telecare Hero!

Velma is the day shift unit manager and nurse at Gladman MHRC. There isn’t anyone who works harder or cares more about our clients than Velma. She is always friendly and helpful to clients and staff, even when I know that she must be dead tired from doing everything that she does every day. If anyone here at Gladman deserves to be recognized for their very hard work and caring demeanor, it is
Velma Clemons.

There are so many little things that she does in between her normal duties that it is hard to pinpoint a single example of what makes her a Telecare Hero. She could be in the middle of accomplishing five things at once and still manage to answer a client’s concern in the sweetest voice ever! She can immediately calm down an upset client with her empathetic approach and genuine care for their concern. I am sure that the nursing staff that works with her could write several pages of things that she does every day that makes her deserving of recognition. For my part, as a member of the Rehab Team, I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Please recognize her unwavering dedication to not just her job, but to all of the people under our care at our facility.

Nominated by Jon Beauchamp, Gladman MHRC

Corey Jordan is a Telecare Hero!

Corey is our Superhero IT man!

Although Corey is the designated Regional IT Specialist in Los Angeles, he often gets pulled in many different directions and into other regions/states. No matter where he is at, he always makes time for us whenever we call.

Staff describe him as their “Go to Guy,” “Savior,” “Always Available,” “The Man,” and “My Hero.”

 No matter how busy he is, when Corey comes to our location he lights up the atmosphere! He is truly the epitome of a Telecare Hero. Corey, here is our shout out to you! You’re the best!! 

Nominated by Rachel, Anthony, Vy, Lior, Kathy, Karen, Eddie, Siera, Mary, Melvin, Chris, Abraham, Tina, Art, Valeria, Deshellia, Liz, Dawnell, Katirina, Shannon, Jeannette, and Shirly. LA HOP 7, Kaiser Downey, and Discoveries

Bruce Sheer is a Telecare Hero!

It is always a joy to work with Bruce. Bruce shows up, ready to work. He is a constant positive presence on the floor with our patients and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

His genuine compassion and patience was challenged on May 2, 2017, when an extremely agitated patient required additional support. Bruce selflessly supported the individual through continuous “peer” counseling and information sharing for nearly two consecutive hours. His demeanor, respect, perseverance, and patience never faltered throughout the crisis. The incident concluded with a smile and a verbal “thank you” from the patient for the much-needed support.

It should be noted that this incident concluded without the need for additional medications, seclusion, or restraints!

Bruce always greets patients and staff with a smile. He continuously shares valuable information relevant to our patient’s daily needs. He is patient, kind, and a real self-starter. Bruce contributes to the overall positive and safe environment we strive to provide for everyone who enters our door.

Bruce, you’re our hero!

Nominated by Donna Franklin and Heather Oster, Riverside County CSU

Cris Webb, Becky Linhares and Marlene Romero are Telecare Heroes!

TRAC%2FTMRS%2FSHOP is very lucky to have such amazing ladies to help in organizing the chaos that can easily come about..png

Cris, Becky, and Marlene are front and center welcoming our members, directing staff/member traffic and coordinating various schedules all with a smile!  The kindness and courtesy that they show to our members on a daily basis is mind blowing. They are always looking to brighten staff and members’ days.  TRAC/TMRS/SHOP is very lucky to have such amazing ladies to help in organizing the chaos that can easily come about.

My favorite thing about these ladies is how they remember so many members and are able to ask them welcoming questions that pertain only to them in order to make the members feel so important.

Nominated by Dawn Lewis, TRAC/TMRS/SHOP