Dee Dattaray is a Telecare Hero!


Dee is an excellent and caring clinical director and leader at LA Step Down. Dee is gifted in being able to bring both clinical and administrative expertise to our program. She cares for our members, taking the time to speak with them individually to promote their recovery. Dee is also very detail-oriented and supports our program by taking the initiative to take on additional tasks as needed. Dee thinks outside the box and brings pragmatism into practice. She is approachable, patient, and deserves recognition for all of her hard work.

Nominated by Helena Alvarado

Zachary Alvarado is a Telecare Hero!


Zach is a Telecare Hero at LA Step Down because he takes the initiative to expand interventions we provide in a way that allows more opportunity for empowerment, self-responsibility, and education. Zach recently suggested and started CBR groups, has excellent vocational rehabilitation skills, and is currently working on creating a member committee at our board and cares to engage members who tend to be high-involvement. Zach can highlight member’s strengths and motivate members to participate and grow.

Nominated by Helena Alvarado

Susan Humphrey is a Telecare Hero!

Susan (1).png

Susan is a Telecare Hero because she demonstrates what mental health recovery is all about. She describes to clients at North Sound E&T how she utilized her WRAP plan, and encourages them to use that crisis prevention tool as well. One of my favorite things about Susan is her optimistic attitude and smile each and every day. It’s contagious and shines a light of cheerfulness upon everyone at our facility.

Susan meets people where they are, and she is genuine and down to earth with them. She is recovery-focused and person-centered as shown by listening to people’s stories with an open mind and compassionate heart. Not only does Susan have a caring heart towards clients, but she always makes an effort to check in with her fellow peer counselors and co-workers to see how they are doing. Her group sessions are fun, interactive, and creative because she puts her passion and personality into the work she does. Overall, Susan is a phenomenal asset to our team, and I am extremely grateful for everything she has to offer.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards, North Sound E&T

Segundina Austria is a Telecare Hero!


To say that Dina is a hard worker is an understatement; she always goes above and beyond the requirements of her job. She makes sure her department is run smoothly, efficiently and with as little interruption as possible. She takes on other/secondary responsibilities as a cook whenever it is requested of her. Always willing to fill in gaps in scheduling by staying late or coming in early. Dina always has a smile and doesn’t let the pressure upset her. We are grateful to Dina for being helpful all the time and always being so polite and generous.

Cliff Morrison and Jeff Somersett are Telecare Heroes!

Cliff & Jeff.png

A client of Sanger Place unexpectedly left the program and took the train a few hours away. After deciding she wanted to return, Cliff and Jeff took time out of their day to help her get back to Sanger. They picked her up from the hospital on a Friday afternoon, drove her to the train station, and purchased her a ticket back to the program. The client returned safely and was very appreciative of their help. It was really comforting for our client to have a familiar face that she knew and trusted.

Cliff and Jeff exemplified caring and respect, and they went above and beyond to help a client in need. They always demonstrate cooperation and teamwork, and their efforts helped keep the client moving on their journey towards recovery. The staff of Sanger Place are grateful for their support.

Nominated by Jeremy Rafacz, Sanger Place

Rita Baldonado is a Telecare Hero!


Rita is an exceptional DMHP and Social Worker. She is organized, detailed, a great client advocate, has great integrity and great ethics. Rita is also very competent, kind and compassionate, but knows how to be objective and set great boundaries. She is supportive of her teammates and treats them with great respect and kindness.

Rita stands out because she doesn’t go with the flow or status quo, she stands up for what she believes is the right thing to do for clients and teammates. She knows how to balance her workload. She does a great job as a DMHP - always does all she can to be fair, examine the facts and has great insight into clients and teammates. Her decisions are in the best interest of the client - keeping in mind safety, their abilities, their goals and dreams and offering power to the client when it is best to do so in a situation.

Rita is also a great judge of character and motives. She believes the best in clients and teammates but knows when a line must be drawn for the betterment of all involved. Rita goes the extra mile also by taking leadership on committees such as the Fun Committee, planning events and is aware of and reports any safety issues. She assists on the unit when needed and knows how to use her crisis CPI skills and uses them when it is necessary. Rita is great at verbal de-escalation with clients and a great listener. Rita is a true Telecare Hero every day!

Nominated by Sheila McCann, Thurston Mason Crisis Triage Center

Sue Brooks is a Telecare Hero!


Since being at our Thurston-Mason Crisis Triage Center as our CDP, Sue has gone the extra mile in many ways. Sue supports her teammates, has made many recommendations for substance use treatment and gotten our clients into inpatient beds.

Sue signed up to be a CPI trainer and has done a wonderful job teaching the classes and modeling the correct way of doing CPI with clients. She is an excellent communicator and able to de-escalate clients many times without having to use hands-on methods. Sue is eager to support and lead, not only in crisis, but also with providing extra assistance on the unit when needed even if it means coming in on the weekends.

Sue speaks out and advocates for the clients so that they will have all they need to reach their goals in recovery. She has volunteered to be on the Fun Committee and has made several contributions. She has also volunteered for special events and always has ideas to ensure safety for clients and employees. Sue also facilitates groups with clients on how substance abuse effects mental illness and recovery. Sue stands out as a leader and to me is a true Telecare Hero.

Nominated by Sheila McCann, Telecare Thurston Mason Crisis Triage Center

Bolaya (Fifi) Kimfuema is a Telecare Hero!


Fifi is very reliable; on top of working her regular schedule at Morton Bakar Center, she works extra shifts and is very flexible. She is very caring towards her residents and tries to understand them and focuses on their needs with detailed attention.

Fifi gives excellent direction to the CNA’s and is an exceptional resource for staff. She is always smiling and creates a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. She is highly aware of her surroundings and willing to help out in any way she can.

We sincerely appreciate your hard work the dedication you bring to your job EVERYDAY that you are here. Thank you, Fifi, for being a superstar!

Nominated by Ofelia Alvarez, Morton Bakar Center

Liz Durkin-Slusarczyk is a Telecare Hero!


Liz always goes the extra mile to support the team and clients in all her interactions here at the Riverside County PHF and CSU. As the AOC, Liz volunteers her entire weekend to Telecare to be here on the two units to make sure all is going right and will do whatever task is asked of her to support our workload. Liz has a great can-do attitude, is compassionate and nurturing of the team and makes the job more interesting, especially in stressful situations.

Liz is always looking for ways to be supportive of the team and all the clients to make sure they get the support and services they need. Also, when Liz is the on-call AOD, she will bake food for the team which is greatly appreciated by all her team members.

Nominated by Patrick Kelly, Mary Hurtado, Betty Solomon

Jordan Niles is a Telecare Hero!


Jordan is a true Telecare Hero! Thank you for the incredible work you do here at Multnomah CATC. You come to work with a positive and upbeat attitude that is contagious. You are intent to advocate for and empower our residents where ever they are on their recovery journey.

When you are working, I am confident that our clients are receiving compassionate, quality, and attentive care. Your life experience and passion for the powerful impact of the Peer Support role is evident and essential. You will take the time to listen or be still with a client. I have seen clients increase their benefit from CATC because they began to trust our team through the connection made with you — established on respect and mutuality. What’s more important than that? Hard to say! In short, you are awesome! I am so excited to see the impact you will make in bringing healing to others as you progress in your pursuit of the medical field! You’re one cool cat (get it?)!

Nominated by anonymous

Jeremiah Martinez is a Telecare Hero!


Jeremiah is a hard working individual that ensures client’s needs are being met with a thorough assessment and evaluation here at the Mental Health Urgent Care program in Perris, CA. Jeremiah has a great wealth of knowledge. He is a great asset to the team and is a team player! Like Jeremiah says, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and all of this would not be possible without him. With Jeremiah’s presence, there is a noticeable difference from when the clients arrive to the facility and from the time of admission to discharge. Jeremiah is our hero! He truly has a passion to help others and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Nominated by Krystle and Krissy

Suleyma Garcia, Oscar Ramirez, Juanita Ferro, Iliana Peralta, Ana Alfaro Reyes, Felita Vargas Garza, Edward Ramirez, & Marlene Montoya are Telecare Heroes!

Riverside CSU.png

We would like to thank the weekend CIS staff at the Riverside County CSU for all they have done during the last month with all the high acuity clients we have had, and all the extra shifts volunteered for due to call offs along with your positive team spirits. Each of you has contributed in your own way to make both the patients and fellow staff happy. Please keep up your excellent work.

It’s great to come to work on the weekends with professional staff who know how to get their job done with professionalism, calmness, and humor.

Nominated by Patrick Kelly, Mary Hurtado, and Betty Solomon

Maurice Pettiford is a Telecare Hero!


Maurice is a dedicated and professional employee at Telecare’s Riverside County CSU in Indio, CA. He always gets his job done, supports the weekend staff fully by making our job easier, and brings his great sense of humor to the team. Maurice has a great laugh, a great sense of humor, a unique sense of style including his red shoes!

Nominated by Patrick Kelly, Mary Hurtado, and Betty Solomon

Donna Franklin is a Telecare Hero!


I would like to share with you my thoughts about a lovely employee whom I have watched flourish from a bud to a beautiful flower at the Riverside County PHF in Indio, California! Donna Franklin is doing a beautiful job with the role of stand-in Rehab Director. Ms. Franklin proved to be an efficient team player, very attentive to patient needs. She practices the “sun down rule” in which Ms. Franklin follows up on requests for patient needs before the end of the day. I envision Ms. Franklin wearing a cape with a big “R” flapping by as she flies by me tending the needs of our patients. I would like to present her as our Telecare Hero.

My favorite thing about Ms. Franklin is her ability to take a task and complete them with organization and efficiency. I have deemed Ms. Franklin a “Rehab Specialist” if I could create one under such a title. What makes Ms. Franklin’s role so extraordinary is her calm, resilient, and reserved manner. Patient’s moods can be seen as progressively satisfied because they do not feel they are being forgotten or ignored. The PHF team see results as a team player, not just getting the job done, but having the ability to speak with patients with so much compassion.  Thank you, Donna, for being “you”!

Nominated by Annie Cordero, Riverside County PHF

The Gresham Team are Telecare Heroes!


Here is some serious recognition for every and all staff at Telecare Gresham, as everyone at Gresham has Telecare Hero status given the teamwork in action over the last couple of weeks with extraordinary opportunities.

Though there is no physical evidence the eclipse has an effect on humans, the psychological one is undeniable for civilizations over time through the present, which leant to fervor and excitement at the recovery center. Thank you to this team for supporting all the extra energy.

In addition, the team had not one, but two infection control intervention opportunities (the first one the night before CARF). The team made swift order getting checked and checking everyone for critters, cleaning all the fabric items in the center and doing so in quick and concerted measure around the clock — and with a smile. Ok, ok, and perhaps feeling itchy in solidarity.

And, if you need more evidence of how this team is a bunch of heroes, here are just a few point in time gratitudes from some of the current residents:

ALL: “How much you help others, how happy you are.”

Jenni W: “I like to talk to her about my suicidal thoughts and feelings, I wish there are more peer support specialists, I like to listen to her about her suicidal feelings and what she went through in life.”

Jessie: “Good Job."

Chad: “He looks out for my best interests and does cool groups.”

Bridget: “I am able to talk to her and I feel safe.”

Kenzie: “Is very helpful, so thoughtful and ready for anything.”

David: “Counsel is useful.”

Megan: “Is always polite.”

Kim: “For her group on avoiding hospitalization and how to identify triggers-helpful and useful.”

Sarah: “For being helpful in answering questions.”

Thank you TRC Gresham and please never doubt our recovery culture as the primary intervention, how we treat each other and those we serve, to create conditions for health, hopes, and dreams. This is just a snapshot of its power in action.

Nominated by anonymous

Lindy Cain is a Telecare Hero!


In June 2017, Lindy was promoted to the Team Lead position on the ACT Sierra Vista Team from a PSC II Specialist role. Lindy is a Telecare Hero for her amazing commitment and creativity to all members of the ACT Team. She not only seeks to support and lead her fellow colleagues, but she also goes above and beyond in her creative ways to engage and activate the members to live the lives of their choice.

One way Lindy shares her strengths and talents is to support members in making their own luxury personal care items out of common household products. While visiting for our recent CARF survey, I participated in a DIY-session where members were making a bug repellant lotion out of beeswax, coconut oil, baking soda, lemongrass, and lavender. Since many of our members walk or spend time outside they really appreciated the session and the product that they could take and use that day! What a hero!

Thank you, Lindy, for your energy, commitment, and leadership – you make a difference!

Nominated by Jennifer Hinkel

Donna Oglesby is a Telecare Hero!

Donna O.png

A few weeks ago, the Multnomah CATC team had its annual summer picnic. Donna went above and beyond preparing. Not only did she take the lead in planning the event, she sent out great reminders (we love GIFs), stocked up on all the BBQ needs, spent hours getting things ready and worked the grill all day long. Donna is not only a Telecare Hero, she is also the best rib maker we’ve got. We appreciate your dedication to building staff friendships and resiliency. Thank you, Donna, for all the energy and effort you put into our picnic–it was a blast!

Nominated by Lisa Klavens

Panida Phataphonsy is a Telecare Hero!


Congratulations to Panida Phataphonsy on being awarded Employee of the Month. The management team nominated Panida because of her continuous support to her department and MBC as a whole. Panida has been having some difficulty getting around in the last couple of months; however, that hasn’t stopped her from offering support and being an ally when most needed. She takes leadership in her role and helps maintain the cohesiveness in her department. She even offered to come and assist during the Residents Annual Picnic because her staff was short. She is a positive person and a true role model of an outstanding employee to her peers and the residents of Morton Bakar Center.

Nominated by the management at Morton Bakar Center