Mark Sabisor is a Telecare Hero!


This month, it comes as no surprise that Morton Bakar Center’s hero/employee of the month likes bananas! In fact, he’s been busy making banana bread for all of us. Yes, Mark Sabisor in Dietary is the March EOM. We appreciate his support and leadership in the dietary department, as well as the entire facility. He has been on board with our culture change movement, and he’s played a huge role in helping implement better teamwork across all shifts and departments.

Thank you, Mark, for all you do the clients and the staff!

Nominated by the staff at Morton Bakar Center

Stefanie McKinnon is a Telecare Hero!


Stefanie is one of our peer counselors here at North Sound E&T. She is amazing with our clients and is always ready to help in any way possible. She is kind, compassionate, and caring when helping the clients. She always has an ear ready to listen and help people when they need it. Stefanie is very professional and knowledgeable in her job here and always has a smile for you. In intense situations, she stays levelheaded and calm throughout the whole situation. She is a wonderful addition to our team. Thank You, Stefanie, for you being you and all of your hard work. She always goes above and beyond for both clients and staff.

Nominated by Jamie, Randa, Julie, Mandy and Devlin at Telecare North Sound E&T

Yolanda Barbosa is a Telecare Hero!


Yolanda is our ‘go-to’ person at Sausal Creek. If you are not sure where to refer a consumer, ask Yolanda. If you have a question about clinic procedure or anything related to our history, ask Yolanda. Yolanda is very passionate about her work and steps-in to assist consumers and her colleagues when needed. Her creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, has increased our ability to run more efficiently. In addition to these wonderful qualities, Yolanda has a great sense of humor. Her humor helps makes our difficult work, more manageable!

Nominated by anonymous

Orange County Telecare and TAO North are Telecare Heroes!


“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” M.J.T. Stepanek

A huge shout out to every Orange County Telecare employee, from leadership to team members, who donated their time, resources, and personnel to help in the launching of Orange County’s TAO Central start-up program. I am extremely grateful.

Also, there are no words to describe how thankful I am to every single person in Orange County’s TAO North’s team for their kindness, hospitality and exemplary work ethic in giving of themselves; this has been a truly awesome experience to see the best of the human spirit in action. I want to thank them for their very generous, above and beyond, continued support.

On my first week, a very memorable moment was shared with TOA North, when Memory, Kevin, and Daisy rolled up their sleeves, shovel in hand, to assist a member with spring cleaning his motel room, filled with three shopping carts and 10 large trash bags, of what could only be described as “a hoarder’s paradise.”  You guys rock!

Nominated by Dr. Alex Ballan, TAO Central Administrator

CATC Staff are Telecare Heroes!

2018-04_catc-staff-1 (1).jpg

CATC staff rocked it this Easter! Even after a hard weekend, they made the day special for the residents and staff by decorating eggs, creating a supportive, upbeat environment, making treats, and even found an Easter bunny wondering the streets nearby!

The staff at CATC always go above and beyond during the holidays to make sure our residents feel like they a part of the CATC family. Great job, team!

Nominated by Catie Grieve, Team Lead at CATC

Terryl Murphy is a Telecare Hero!


Terryl Murphy, Stults House Rehabilitation Specialist, is a Telecare Hero because of her consistency in giving of herself to clients and staff — and it doesn’t stop there.

Terryl is just a giver; I don’t think she could be any other way. Even on her weekends, she’s giving of herself. At Stults House, she is always brightening up the place and making sure we have decorations for the season. She helps the clients feel cared for with events, gatherings, and feasts appropriate to the season. For instance, this week, she is out looking for inexpensive, yet festive decorations and fun ideas to make Easter Sunday a springtime holiday celebration for all.

My favorite thing about Terryl is that her caring for others is ceaseless, its just simply who she is!

Nominated by Anonymous

Codi Eicher is a Telecare Hero!


Codi has a special place in her heart for each and every resident at the Deschutes Recovery Center and is amazing at developing recovery-centered relationships with residents. She always works with a smile on her face and a positive attitude and can brighten anyone’s day! She’s also willing to fill in whenever needed, and more than happy to work difficult doubles in a pinch. She makes amazing baked goods and granola for, and with, residents and staff. Her strong dedication to recovery is inspiring.

Working with Codi is fantastic! She’s a go-getter and always on top of making sure residents’ needs are met, plus she’s just a lovely person.

Nominated by anonymous.

Elizabeth Deshong is a Telecare Hero!

Elizabeth (1).png

Since she became the third Elizabeth to be hired at Sausal Creek, she volunteered to be called by her last name; imagine a very small clinic, calling out “Elizabeth” and having three people answer. Well, Deshong continues to be generous, volunteering to step-in and step-out when needed.  She wears a couple of hats as a PSC and RN, without a second thought, steps in to go where she is most needed. Given our clinic can be fast-paced, her flexibility and contagious laugh are very much appreciated!

Nominated by anonymous

Lisa Ault is a Telecare Hero!

Lisa (1).png

Lisa is a great RN at King County E&T who works extremely hard for her clients and makes sure the unit is running smoothly on all of her shifts. Not only that, but she has gone above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of. For example, she spent hours on the phone with pharmacy and insurance to make sure a client got the important medications they needed! She is always willing to work hard to make sure she gets everything done, and done correctly. She is a strong leader on the unit, but still listens openly to feedback from others.

Lisa always brings her A-game work ethic and dedication to her work that is just infectious throughout the unit. Working with her is inspiring for other staff to do their job to the best of their ability.

Nominated by anonymous

Lisa Franklin is a Telecare Hero!

Lisa Franklin.png

Lisa Franklin, Clinical Director at the Mobile Outreach Team in Shelton, WA, is a true Telecare Hero in every sense of the word. She took over a brand new crisis outreach team and fine-tuned us into a well-oiled machine. Our Intensive Case Management team has blossomed and become a strong part of our community because of Lisa’s excellent leadership.

Working with the Mobile Outreach Team, we know that Lisa has our backs. She is there for us even on those dark, rainy night calls in the middle of nowhere. If we have a question or an issue, Lisa is there to help us sort it out.

If running an intensive outreach team is not enough, Lisa has also taken on training in our Olympia and Pierce County offices. Plus she attends community meetings in an effort to strengthen our bond with the Mason County communities.

Lisa does the work of three people with a smile on her face and a positive attitude in every situation. We are so lucky to have her as our Clinical Director and as a caring, knowledgeable mentor to us all. She improves our outlook and our skills daily. Thank you, Lisa. You ARE our TELECARE HERO!

Sonya Blake is a Telecare Hero!


Sonya is a ray of sunshine at Telecare’s Multnomah CATC program in Portland, Oregon! She often makes time to check in on residents and takes care of them. Sonya is constantly making our environment better and has a lot of responsibilities as Unit Clerk, which she carries out with professionalism and pride.

Sonya makes my day every day, ensuring that she brings laughter and compassion to our shift. Sonya is a team player ensuring that she helps out everyone on the team and she does it with a smile! Sonya is a valuable part of the Multnomah CATC with her positive and can-do attitude!

Nominated by anonymous.

Vitalis C. Ogbeam is a Telecare Hero!


I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with Vitalis a lot more due to an increased need for staffing support. He is a valuable part of the team at the Recovery Center at Gresham and offers assistance in every circumstance. He appears to always be willing to help a resident with their needs and to support his fellow co-worker.

Vitalis shows genuine care and compassion for the residents as well as his co-workers. Once, I asked him if he would like to serve lunch or monitor the clinical desk, and he stated, “I’ll serve.” When I asked him if he was sure he stated with a smile, “Yes, I like to serve people.” His statement is very apparent in the way that he works.

Nominated by anonymous

Maureen Delapp is a Telecare Hero!


Maureen is the heart and soul of the El Dorado PHF program. There is no “I” in TEAM, but there is an “M” which stands for Maureen!  Maureen does a fantastic job keeping up with the demands of the day-to-day running of the program’s payroll and accounting. She takes initiative to fix and take care of any office issues that are in front of her. No task is too big or small for Maureen. She has no problem jumping in and helping her coworkers and management team. The El Dorado County PHF management team would like to recognize Maureen for being their Telecare Hero, and thank her for stepping in and supporting the program. We appreciate your hard work and effort!

Nominated by Frank Arroyo, Cathi Stoffan, Cynthia Schlie, and the El Dorado County PHF Team

Fred Andres is a Telecare Hero!


Fred, the STAGES nurse, is Telecare Hero for his amazing work with our STAGES partners. Ever since Fred started with STAGES, he has taken off running. Fred’s skills have particularly stood out through his work with one of our partners that has difficulty managing his diabetes. Fred has gone above and beyond to coach our partner around the management of his diabetes while managing his psychiatric symptoms. Although our partner may not always accept assistance, Fred is always there to provide his advocacy, support, and encouragement.

Fred also makes sure that our STAGES partners receive the medical and psychiatric care that they need. His commitment and determination have made a difference in our partner’s lives, as he truly does “Whatever it takes” to aid in their recovery.

Fred always has a smile on his face. Being the only nurse for STAGES, Fred may be swamped at times, but that doesn’t stop him from saying hello to everyone he sees. He is a lively addition to our office and can always get you to laugh and have fun.

Nominated by Janet Snyder at STRIDES

Elizabeth Armstrong is a Telecare Hero!


Elizabeth came to us from Multnomah CATC to become Stults House’s new Program Director in October. She has since been a true rock star at her job and an incredible asset to our team. It was surely not easy taking the torch for the program’s first director and helping us transition out of our “start-up” phase as a program. As her assistant director, the transition was easy, because I went from one awesome boss to another! I so appreciate coming to work every day to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a compassionate, hard-working human with a great sense of humor to boot.

Nominated by Dani Dierking

Eric Burk is a Telecare Hero!


Eric is a phenomenal asset to TAO in Anaheim, California. Since I began working at Telecare, I was astonished by the amount of knowledge this man carries. Eric trains us on the latest county requirements, and constantly guides us on how to improve our writing skills. Eric is always willing to sit down with any individual, listen, and guide them to better improve. He has never hesitated to stop what he is doing to answer any questions, and is the most easy-going individual. I think I speak for our clinic when I say we truly appreciate everything he does. Thank you, genius, for always helping me when I get overwhelmed or stuck. Happy 10 Year Anniversary!


Nominated by Daisy Gomez, TAO

Edna Slate is a Telecare Hero!

Edna (1).png

Edna is so very helpful and hardworking here at Thurston Mason E&T in Olympia, Washington. She goes above and beyond to complete her tasks and often stops what she is doing to helps others in need. She is a hero because she always has a positive attitude and has helped me keep a smile my face when I have been frustrated and or tired. She has the best stories and is a very strong woman. Her open ear and willingness to listen and help are much appreciated.

Nominated by Jasmine Booth, Thurston Mason E&T

Joel Bylsma, Brandi Sierra, and Princess Neberba are Telecare Heroes!

Nursing Team.png

Nursing is defined, in part, as a profession that is used to practice and provide care for the sick. For the nursing staff at San Mateo Transitions, this definition is well-meaning but does not begin to touch the impact they have on our members and staff. Joel Bylsma, Brandi Sierra, and Princess Neberba engage with the needs of our members, effectively monitor medications, and have a successful distribution process. They coordinate between pharmacies, board and care facilities, and members with independent living status to deliver excellent services to our members. The team promotes the Telecare Mission with their dedication to our members and proper ethical practices to provide timely services that are very appreciated.

Great work, nursing staff!

Nominated by Commodore Williams, Telecare Transitions FSP

Jessica Welch is a Telecare Hero!


Jessica is our Telecare Hero for January because she is very professional, respectful and well organized. She is excellent at time management and willing to help whether she is asked or not.

Jessica is greatly appreciated by her co-workers and the management team and takes pride in her job. She comes forward to help in many situations, and willingly stepped up to fill in for our MDS for one month with very little training or information before-hand — and she was great! While covering for our MDS, she remained on the floor as well. For this and many other reasons, Jessica is a Telecare Hero!

Thank you, Jessica, for your continued hard work, dedication and support to the nursing department!

Nominated by the management team at Morton Bakar Center

Stults House Team are Telecare Heroes!


We recently had an employee appreciation dinner for all Stults House Residential Treatment Home staff in Portland, Oregon. It was a fun night of food, laughs, sweatshirts, and awards. As the new program director, I am inspired on a daily basis by the hard work, dedication and respect each and every one of the staff at Stults House provides — not only for the residents, but each other as well.

I am so grateful to be part of the Stults House team. Thank you all for a lovely night and a beautiful place to come to work!

Nominated by Elizabeth Armstrong