Marissa D. is a Telecare Hero!

Marissa is a Telecare Hero for her calm demeanor in crisis situations, her advocacy work with vulnerable partners, and her application of assessment skills to improve safety on the job. She is quick to assess situations for safety and any other risks. During her work at STAGES, Marissa has advocated for partner RG, an individual with pressing health issues, when he was discharged from the hospital and dropped off at his board and care with an IV needle still stuck into his arm. She immediately contacted STAGES nurse and team leader to collaborate and make sure the needle was safely removed and the hospital took responsibility for the care of the partner.

Another example of her safety judgment include a time when a partner was aggressive, agitated, and began yelling at her and a house manager. Marissa responded quickly with composure to handle the situation, getting her and the manager to a place of safety to call for help.

Perhaps the greatest way that Marissa is a Telecare Hero is how she seeks opportunities for recovery work amidst the many routine tasks and crisis that happen in this work. She uses her past experiences with partners to assess their progress and reflects this to them to have informed next steps in their recovery plan. Marissa has recently left Telecare to pursue her own hopes and dreams for gaining research experience so that she can complete her PhD and someday return to helping partners in need.

Marissa is well loved at among her STAGES team and the STRIDES & STEPS co-workers for her bright mind and curious nature, her creativity skills (from making dream catchers to duct-tape wallets), for her “word of the day” and constant learning, and her unique use of post-its in staying organized.

Nominated by the STAGES team.

Candace Reynolds is a Telecare Hero!

As a certified peer counselor, Candace goes above and beyond to emotionally support clients, provide validation, and express empathy through common recovery experiences. Her recovery story is an inspiration to clients and promotes hope and perseverance to never give up on themselves. She always has an incredibly upbeat attitude, is extremely dedicated to completing client focused treatment plans, mini WRAP plans, group notes, and all other peer counseling documents. She assists with keeping everything very organized to ensure that tasks are completed in an efficient manner. Candace is a true joy to work with.

One of my favorite things about her is her creativity for group activities with clients. She comes up with some of the most fun ideas that clients are drawn to. I also love when she sings, it just puts everyone in a great mood to listen to her talented voice. She is an outstanding and valuable team member and deserves this recognition.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards, Telecare North Sound E&T

Manju Chaudhary is a Telecare Hero!

Manju is hard-working, motivated, resourceful, and compassionate. She makes sure all the residents are well cared for and helps her coworkers when the extra help is needed. She is self-motivated and yearns to do more to further her skills. She has shown great organizational skills and shows initiative to problem-solve. When working with residents, she makes sure they are presentable and has everything they need. She coordinates with her colleagues, her supervisors and the other members of the team and is not shy in sharing her opinions and suggestions if she feels they will benefit the residents. She steps up when she needs to cover the workload and does so with a positive attitude. She keeps the nurses and her supervisors up to date which helps with timely follow up on the residents’ care. We were so happy when she joined MBC as a Mental Health Worker.  It is our great delight that she continues to share her time and talent with us as one of our Ward Clerk.

Nominated by Cristina De Leon, Morton Bakar Center

Elaine Shriner is a Telecare Hero!

We, the team of Telecare Durham ACTT, nominate our Administrator Elaine Shriner as our Telecare Hero. Elaine goes above and beyond for her team and the program and truly cares about each and every one of her staff. She has demonstrated this many times before, and more recently as the program went through an audit by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Routine Monitoring for Provider Agencies. The preparation was very tedious and required long hours of reviewing and paying attention to detail.

Through all of this, Elaine was there to coach, support, assist, give feedback, and maintain morale. She is always available to discuss with us any concerns or issues. Her ability to lead and unite a team to provide the best services for our clients is unparalleled. She is the spark that ignites our team’s effort to keep on going until we accomplished the task. We are very happy to announce we received an overall score 99.1%.   

Thank you Elaine for your leadership, guidance, and all that you do!

Nominated by Team Telecare at Durham ACTT

Martha Sanchez, Regina Rico and Wakako Masuno are Telecare Heroes!

Martha Sanchez, Regina Rico, and Wakako Masuno were truly Telecare Heroes and came through for one of our clients at the La Casa MHRC. Our client was returning from a court visit and decided he did not want to return to La Casa. The county driver stayed with him near the facility but he would not come back. Our wonderful staff went up the street to talk with the client. They walked with him for close to two miles on a hot day and kept reassuring him that they were there to help him in any way that they could. The client finally decided that he would return to the facility and came back with them. For their kindness, compassion, and endurance, we recognize Wakako, Regina and Martha!!!

Nominated by Larry Lawler, administrator at La Casa MHRC

Joann Neberba is a Telecare Hero!

Joann has her plate full being the HR/AA for a big program in San Mateo County, Cordilleras MHRC. That didn’t stop her from stepping up and helping out a nearby Telecare program in need, though!

San Mateo Transitions recently had their longtime HR/AA leave. This left the program with no one to do the HR functions there. A new hire was being brought on at Transitions for a tough-to-fill position that had been open for a while. To ensure that there would be no hiccup in starting the new hire, and to ensure that the new hire could start as soon as possible, she stepped up and offered to help. She helped do all of the pre-employment steps/paperwork, on-boarding, orientation, and post-employment paperwork! Without her help, this would have caused a huge burden at Transitions, and Telecare could have potentially lost a great Licensed Team Lead!

Thank you for stepping up and helping out a Telecare program that isn’t your program, you embody the Telecare spirit of helping others!

Nominated by Adrian Martinez, Corporate

Shanna Talant is a Telecare Hero!

I am nominating Shanna Talant because she is the true definition of a Telecare Hero. On Thursday, June 9, we had a goodbye lunch for one of our co-workers and Shanna worked tirelessly to make this a special day for them. Shanna worked hard to make a video, picture frames, cards, etc., and brought together the team to make this day an unforgettable and special day for our co-worker and team. However, this is not unusual for Shanna, as she is continuously going out of her way to compliment her co-workers, make them feel special, and offer any support to her team in general.

This can also be said about Shanna’s work with her participants. Shanna invests every ounce of energy and compassion into her daily work to ensure that her participants are able to reach their goals, feel supported, and fulfill their definition of happiness. Shanna uses her creativity and compassion to provide support to her participants and touch their lives in a very special way. Shanna uses this same creativity and compassion to support her co-workers as well and is consistently spreading her positivity to the team. In addition, Shanna has the ability to make the team laugh at any moment with her great sense of humor and spirit! Shanna thank you for all your contributions and great energy you bring to the IHOT team!

Nominated by anonymous

Sahnnon Hardy is a Telecare Hero!

Shannon is a Telecare Hero for her can-do attitude with both staff and clients. She is always willing to go above and beyond to keep the unit safe and make sure clients remain calm and relaxed. Her ability to safely negotiate with clients is a real asset to both the client and staff. Her ability to remain calm and cheerful in stressful situations is much appreciated.

Shannon has a great ability to relate with the adolescents to keep them busy throughout the shift, but also relate to assist them is developing healthier coping skills. Shannon has the ability to personally relate to clients to get them to take medications when they are refusing, or to calm down so medication won’t have to be given. This ability has been demonstrated consistently during the year.

Nominated by Patrick Kelly, Riverside County CSU

Myisha Hill is a Telecare Hero!

Myisha is a dedicated tenured Telecare employee who got her start with Telecare at SD CHOICES in 2002. She goes above and beyond to assist Telecare members in their mental health recovery. She is a caring, compassionate, experienced team player who is always friendly and helpful to both staff and members. She is a shining star that goes out of her way to improve the program by training new staff, assisting her teammates, and making the members feel comfortable. She goes above and beyond for her members, and goes above and beyond to help new employees learn their job. Most of all, Myisha comes to work with her heart–she doesn’t just come to just do her “job”.

Nominated by the staff at Gateway and Pathway to Recovery, Jessica Jones, Alexis George and Mary Woods

JoAnna Williams is a Telecare Hero!

JoAnna is an amazingly caring and thoughtful recovery specialist. She shows extreme kindness with our residents and takes initiative to meet their needs. JoAnna is a phenomenal co-worker, and I always feel supported working with her. She always takes her team mates view into consideration when making decisions on the unit. I am inspired by JoAnna’s work ethic and passion for our recovery culture.

My favorite thing about JoAnna is that she always comes to work with a smile on her face and has a very calm presence about her. She is willing to collaborate with staff and residents alike to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Nominated by anonymous

The Stanislaus CSU Team are Telecare Heroes!

I would like to nominate my start up team for the brand new Crisis Stabilization Unit of Stanislaus County. Creating a new program had bumps in the road. I want to thank all of my staff for their patience and flexibility during this difficult start-up time.

I want to address specific Telecare Hero behaviors: Angela Patriarca, RN, for jumping into working NOC shift. Michelle Gorman, RN, for bringing her years of experience in leadership and input. Pedro Tabernero, RN, for being loyal and caring in regards to other staff members. Christina Ty, RN, for being available when needed most. RN Ty is our go-to for problem solving and on-site tech support. RN Ty and RN Renalyn Cedeno have been figuratively my right hand during these start-up months. They have the initiative to assist on more management duties, making me more available for time- sensitive tasks as Program Director. They bring their years of experience in a psychiatric hospital to CSU. Connie McDonald Peer Specialist, Christina Ty RN, Renalyn Cedeno RN, Bes ASW you guys are my glue. They are the first people I go to when I need help or advice regarding a matter that eludes me.

LMFT Guy Gadd, ASW Bussrat (Bes) Mussa, ASW Jeremy Avery for being the calm and reassuring clinicians for our crisis patients and sometimes staff. We are fortunate to have clinicians that are very caring, knowledgeable and very experienced in their respective fields. I know I can count on my clinicians to be well versed in the local area programs available to our target population.

Peer Specialist (PS) Connie McDonaldAdrian BravoRachel Limburg, and Eva McKinney are awesome at interacting with the clients. They help educate the clients about services and coping skills that they can utilize while in crisis. These PS are great at gathering the client?s history and identifying key areas of need for clients. When they are not busy interacting with clients, these PS keep the station organized and neat. They make sure supplies for clients are fully stocked. Charts are prepared for new incoming clients. They help the clinicians and RNs in tasks so we can be free to search for the best possible placements for our clients.

Flexibility for scheduling can be difficult, but not without great on-call staff members: Pedro Tabernero, Christina Ty, Jeremy Avery, Adrian Bravo, Rachel Limburg, Eva McKinney, and Shamerin Shamoon. These people help keep the CSU running around the clock to serve our community.

I love my team because they all hard-working, dependable, passionate about their work, and a genuine concern of the population that we are serving. In addition, their professionalism is surpassed by their compassion to serve individuals who struggle with mental illness.

Nominated by Lanea Jueco

Amanda Edwards is a Telecare Hero!

Amanda is a jewel. As a coworker she is reliable, efficient, effective, and diligent. But those aren’t even her best qualities. She is also a shining example of infusing our work with empathy and compassion. Amanda meets people where they are at, and draws them out of dark places. She finds the positives in their situations, and helps them see the light within themselves. She doesn’t give up.

In this type of work, we really need to be able to trust and count on our teammates. I can always count on Amanda. She tries new things all the time, faces her fears and reaches her goals with determination. I feel lucky to know her, much less work with her.

Amanda notices the little things people do, and she shows her appreciation in kind and generous ways... and sometimes she brings me cookies. Every day is better with cookies.

Nominated by Alana Karsch

Sam Weisenburger is a Telecare Hero!

Sam is a man that is unforgettable. He’s simple, kind, charming, and his insight on cases is very much appreciated and welcomed. I have been fortunate to have partnered with Sam on cases which have been very challenging and seem impossible to get any movement. What makes Sam a hero is his ability to show his compassion, empathy, and understanding for the families he coaches and the participants he serves.

Sam is kind, Sam is simple, Sam is known as my super hero. Thank you Sam for being you. You’re most valued.

Nominated by Sarah Mollet-Folta, IHOT

Lyle Jobe is a Telecare Hero!

What makes Lyle a hero? Well the fact that practically all the clients he works with say so. I hear it at least once a week every week–and frankly I agree.

Lyle spends most of his time either meeting with the client to discuss symptoms and medication options and/or discussing concerns and changes with the clinical staff. He is excellent at explaining how different medications work and/or explanations for various diagnosis’s. He is easy to relate with, and it feels like your talking to a person rather than a doctor when meeting with him.

My favorite thing about Lyle is his love of ping pong. He plays it with the clients, and regularly challenges them to games when he has the time. He gets competitive too! It’s pretty awesome.

Nominated by anonymous

Silke Ruschmann is a Telecare Hero!

Silke is an incredibly compassionate, sweet, funny, intelligent, and amazing person. She reflects all of these qualities at work and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all patients in an efficient manner. She always makes time to explain various information about medications and is empathetic while listening to the concerns of clients. Silke always comes to work with a positive, cheerful, and caring attitude. Not only does she make a profound difference in the lives of residents and coworkers, but she also is an excellent team player. This is shown by collaborating with other coworkers to provide the most effective treatment for individuals. Added to that, she responds well to high stress-situations and is very respectful of others. It is completely evident that she takes her job seriously, has strong work ethic, good morals, and is exceptionally easy to get along with.

Her cheerful smile and compassionate manner when talking to coworkers and residents, as well as her thoughtfulness and generosity, are some of my favorite things about her. Around the holidays in December, she made handmade jewelry for female coworkers, and often brings in yummy treats for everyone to share.

She deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and the difference she has made in the lives of many at Telecare North Sound E&T.

Nominated by Amanda Edwards

Julie Potts is a Telecare Hero!

Julie goes the long way when it comes to our clients at North Sound E & T. She is always kind and will do everything she can to help her clients. She works well with all of the staff and clients and is kind, compassionate, and caring for all. Julie is very passionate about her job and always willing to lend a helping hand when you need it. Her kindness, compassion, smile, and the way she makes you feel like family make her a true Telecare Hero!

Nominated by Jamie Polubinski

Julie comes in everyday giving her all–110 percent. She is a compassionate, positive, and encouraging team player. Julie is always willing to step up and go above and beyond her tasks as a Recovery Specialist. She has a genuine care for every patient. She has great insight into giving motivation to patients to work on their recovery, as well as extending empathy for time to heal. Julie cares for her coworkers to give words of support and encouragement.

Julie is a genuine caring coworker and friend, who reminds me to find a reason each day to smile, and brings doughnuts to work!

Nominated by Candace Reynolds

Chad Hamilton is a Telecare Hero!

Chad has and always will be a Telecare Hero! I am always inspired by his interactions with our residents, he genuinely cares about their recovery process. His personality is larger than life so he can always keep you entertained and most likely laughing a lot too! He not only cares about the residents, but he also cares very much about his co-workers. I look forward to seeing Chad at work and miss working with him as an RS, but I still see and appreciate all the hard work he puts in here. You and all the amazing work you do is always noticed and appreciated Chad!

My favorite thing about Chad is how easy he is to talk to, always so supportive, and actively listens. Also he cooks amazing food for lunch every Thursday and does all the planning and shopping for this as well. He has been teaching our resident’s how to budget, shop for great deals, and cook delicious food. Chad also gets coffee for his very grateful co-workers from Dutch Bros on occasion–what a life saver!

Nominated by Rachel Severson

Bridget Murray is a Telecare Hero!

Bridget is a Telecare hero because she is always willing to step up and help or offer support. Bridget always stops by my office to check in with me and say hello, which I so appreciate! Bridget asked me if there was anything she could do to help me out as she knew it was an extremely busy week and I am still new to my position. I told her if she had time on her NOC shift she could do some of my filing for me but ONLY if she had some extra time. She not only did my filing but she got everything extremely organized which truly saved me so much time. I honestly can’t thank you enough for your help Bridget, you are amazing, kind, helpful, and a life saver!!!!

My favorite thing about Bridget is her ability to build rapport with anyone and everyone. She is such an easy person to talk to and never makes you feel judged. Bridget easily builds genuine relationships with her co-workers and most importantly with our residents! I am so thankful for you Bridget!!

Nominated by Rachel Severson

Martin Alvarez is a Telecare Hero!

In being part of an FSP program, it goes without saying that a crisis situation may happen at any given time. Within our team we have someone who is always up for the challenge and works diligently to resolve crisis situations as they arise. Our Telecare hero is Martin. Martin is someone who is always willing to help a team member in need. When the team is faced with a crisis situation, Martin is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our members well being. As a team, we are always astonished to see some of the amazing things Martin is able to do with his “whatever it takes” attitude. In addition to being an amazing co-worker and case manager, Martin is balancing being an MFT graduate student and great dad! We want to acknowledge all of Martin’s hard work and thank him for all he does. We all know that Martin’s life will always be filled with much happiness because of the positive qualities that he shares with the LAOA team and community.

Favorite things about Martin are his quirky sense of humor and positive attitude. He has ability to spread his good mood to everyone around him.

Nominated by Team LAOA

Sarah Mollet-Folta is a Telecare Hero!

The IHOT program is undergoing an expansion and recently has experienced some staffing changes. These changes possibly led to an oversight when scheduling a Family Coach leader for one of the support groups and the group was left without a facilitator. Not to fear, Sarah was here! Sarah was about to take lunch, but being the only clinical team member in the office instantly put that aside to help the individuals who presented for group that day. She willingly led a group she is not responsible for and did it awesomely!

Sarah Mollet-Folta is a rainbow to our program with her cheeriness, her great sense of humor, and her exemplary “can do” attitude. She is liked by her participants because she goes above and beyond during her outreaches and has been blessed with a warm and enveloping persona. As a co-worker, she is approachable, always has time, and is refreshingly candid in her commentary.

Thank you, Sarah, for stepping-in when needed and being a Telecare hero!

Nominated by anonymous