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La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF)


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6060 Paramount Boulevard
Long Beach, California  90805
562-529-2463 FAX


Inpatient Acute Spectrum Key Telecare La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) is a 16-bed facility that provides acute psychiatric treatment to adults in Los Angeles County, California. The PHF is adjacent to La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (MHRC). This configuration of services facilitates rapid accessibility to appropriate levels of inpatient care within Los Angeles County's system of care.

The treatment philosophy at La Casa PHF is based on the premise that even during the acute phase of illness all individuals have the potential to rehabilitate and to make choices about their environments for living, learning, working, and socializing. Treatment concentrates on symptom reduction and preparation for discharge to, and linkage with, community resources. Nursing and support staff join with the medical and social work staff to plan clients' treatment and assure transition to lower levels of service as quickly as clinically appropriate.

La Casa PHF brochureClick to downloadJust the Basics

Beds: 16
Population Served: Adults 18 and older with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI)
Funded by: Los Angeles County in California

Services and Supports

Telecare's approach to providing services to people with mental illness is based on the belief that individuals, regardless of their level of psychological impairment, can achieve an improved level of functioning. It is only through accurate evaluation, active treatment, and focused rehabilitation that each individual's recovery goals can be achieved.

Office Hours

Referral Process

Individuals are referred through Los Angeles County at (562) 651-5047.

Admission Criteria

Contacting A Family Member

Individuals may contact family members by calling the pay phones at La Casa PHF, listed here:

What Makes Us Different

When Los Angeles County identifies a client who needs more support than the community programs can provide, they often will refer them to La Casa PHF for further stabilization and placement in long-term care facilities.

About Telecare

Founded in 1965, Telecare is one of the nation's largest family - and employee-owned, providers of adult mental health services to county and state governments, and behavioral health organizations. With over 2,400 employees and over 60 programs in multiple states, Telecare provides a full range of services and supports to individuals with serious mental illness. Telecare delivers eight major categories of services, as well as innovative programs tailored to individuals with co-occurring issues such as homelessness, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, or involvement in the forensic system. 



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