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Recovery Center at Woodburn


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1605 East Lincoln Road
Woodburn, Oregon  97071
503-981-1302 FAX


For many people with serious mental illness, it is hard to believe in a hopeful future, where recovery is possible and goals are within reach. The challenges they face in the community, in life, and in traditional systems of care are daunting - and the resources to overcome these challenges are few.

Inpatient Nonacute Spectrum Key The Recovery Center @ Woodburn (WRC) exists to help these individuals build skills, reclaim hope, and feel supported on their journeys of recovery. WRC offers a new clinical approach, one that is dramatically different than the traditional sub-acute locked facility. The program embraces the recovery philosophy at all levels instead of focusing primarily on symptom and behavior management. Recovery is woven into and defines every aspect of the program, from assessments and interventions, to the resident information system, to the selection of staff, and the overall resident experience.

Recovery Center @ Woodburn Program DescriptionClick for downloadTreatment Practice and Philosophy
The Recovery Center @ Woodburn strives to provide residents with the skills they need to attain the goals they choose. In this environment, residents begin a learning process that helps them make effective choices, reduce the amount of harm in their lives and increase their personal strengths. When residents are enrolled at WRC, they are transitioning from the Oregon State Hospital and it is a time of great excitement and hope having met the stringent criteria for admission.  WRC begins to help a new resident to think of themselves as people that can make a contribution to the world around them. We offer them the opportunity to live differently, according to their own goals, dreams, and hopes. It is a unique and empowering learning environment built on a belief in recovery. WRC embraces the core concepts of learning, skill development, power awareness, cultural awareness, spiritual acknowledgment, personal choice, and personal responsibility in the recovery process. In this environment, residents have the opportunity to feel better about themselves and take the first steps on the journey of recovery. 

Services and Supports
The Recovery Center @ Woodburn is a 24-hour Secure Residential Treatment Facility for individuals transitioning from the Oregon State Hospital who are under the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board.  Our main focus is to ready individuals to move to a less restrictive environment by offering training in all domains of a person's life.  To these ends, WRC offers skills training in: Self-Care, Medication Management, Community Navigation, Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, Job Readiness, Wellness, Communication, and Money Management.  WRC also provides vocational rehabilitation opportunities that allow residents to work in the community.  WRC partners with many local community-based organizations to offer our residents the opportunity to begin building a foundation for when they leave the program.

Program Structure

Resident Experience at the Recovery Center

Resident Environment

About Telecare
Founded in 1965, Telecare is one of the nation’s largest family — and employee-owned, providers of adult mental health services to county and state governments and behavioral health organizations.  With over 2,200 employees and 60 programs in six states, Telecare provides a full range of services and supports to individuals with serious mental illness.  Telecare delivers eight major categories of services, as well as innovative programs tailored to individuals with co-occurring issues such as homelessness, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, or involvement in the forensic system.


Driving Directions -- Click to See Map
From I-5, go towards Salem/Beaverton. Take exit 271 towards Silverton/Woodburn. Left on Newberg Hwy. Right on Park Ave. Left on E. Lincoln.

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