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Multnomah CATC

Crisis Assessment and Treatment Center


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55 NE Grand Avenue
Portland, Oregon  97232
(503) 232-1099
(503) 232-3854 FAX


Crisis Spectrum Key Located in Portland, Oregon, Multnomah Crisis and Treatment Center (CATC) is a subacute 16-bed, 24/7 program that serves as a secure short-term crisis program for individuals living in Multnomah County. The CATC offers a unique clinical approach that differs dramatically from traditional non-acute secure facilities. Rather than focusing primarily on symptom control and behavior management, we use Telecare's Recovery Centered Clinical System (RCCS), which is based on the premise that every person can recover from mental illness: recovery is woven into all processes and resident interactions.

Multnomah CATC Program DescriptionClick to downloadJust the Basics

Beds: 16
Population Served: Adults with persistent and serious mental illness
Funded by: Multnomah County in Oregon

Recovery Model

Telecare has created a recovery-centered experience for people served. Programs and staff strive to create an environment where a person can choose to recover. By connecting to each individual's core self and trusting it to guide the way, it is possible to awaken the desire to embark on the recovery journey.


Multidisciplinary team of clinicians, psychiatry, nursing and drug-and-alcohol, rehab, recovery specialists, and peer support specialists.

Services and Supports

The CATC provides stabilization services for adults who present in crisis. We provide medication adjustment and psychiatric services, as well as nursing, peer support, and recovery specialist services. These services are offered as part of a milieu that supports recovery and the belief that all folks can recover.

Office Hours

Referral Process

Referrals are made by community outreach workers, emergency departments at area hospitals, community walk-in clinics, and from Verity, the Medicaid-managed care provider for The Oregon Health Plan.

Admission Criteria

Contacting A Family Member

The CATC's visiting hours are daily after 4:00 PM. People wishing to contact a family member by phone can call the main number at (503) 232-1099 and speak with a staff member, who will inquire about a program member's desire to speak with the person. Without a signed release of information, a staff member may not confirm or deny admission information.

What Makes Us Different

The CATC was created to fill a niche in the community by providing an appropriate continuum of care that did not already exist in two key areas; 1) we were created to reduce repeated admissions to jails and hospitals for individuals with mental illnesses that were in a crisis, and 2) we provide recovery-centered services with staff members who have lived experience (peer supports), having two on each shift.

Along with other Oregon programs, the CATC sponsors and participates in the annual NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) walk and celebration of mental health awareness month.

About Telecare

Telecare is based in Alameda, California, and is one of the largest providers of mental health services in the U.S. Telecare works in partnership with hospitals and other behavioral healthcare organizations to design and provide recovery-focused services for high-risk individuals. Telecare is employee-and-family-owned with over 2,600 employees and more than 80 programs in California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.


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