Whole Person Care: Reaching the Unreachable with Co-Occurring Education Groups

Across the nation, 60 million adults aren’t receiving adequate primary care, 33% of adults with serious mental illness aren’t receiving any mental health services, and 90% of people with substance use conditions aren’t receiving any care for their substance use.

Yet individuals with co-occurring SMI and substance use are often among the highest utilizers in their systems of care. At Telecare, these co-occurring conditions are very prevalent: 70% of our clients are also dealing with substance use. The majority of these individuals do not recognize that their substance use is affecting their health and wellness, aren’t currently considering treatment, and aren’t considering a change in their use of substances. 

In August 2018, Telecare’s Vice President of Operations, David Heffron, and Director of Special Projects - Substance Use Disorders (SUDS), Scott Madover, presented at the Substance Use Disorder Statewide Conference put on by the California Department of Health Care Services. We are pleased to share their presentation, “Reaching the Unreachable: Engaging People with SUDS in Pre-Contemplation Phase,” and their findings below.

Download a PDF of the Presentation

 Click the image above to download a pdf of our suds presentation

Click the image above to download a pdf of our suds presentation

Reaching the Unreachable: Engaging People with SUDs in Pre-Contemplation Phase

As part of Telecare’s Whole Person Care initiative, we developed and launched a curriculum called Co-Occurring Education Groups (COEG). The 16-week curriculum is intended to address the shared challenges providers and systems face: reaching the “unreachable” through respect, engagement, education, and ongoing support.

COEG Basic Framework

  • Point 1

  • Point 2

  • Point 3

Ingredients for Success

  • Keep on going

  • Teach it all

  • Share the facilitation

  • Stick to the script

  • Be prepared

  • Include everyone

  • Educate and explore

  • Show respect and non-judgment

  • Keep groups open

  • Schedule groups regularly

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