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A Day In The Life: STRIDES of Alameda County

April 06, 2006

STRIDES is a community-based ACT program in downtown Oakland, California. Staff include nurses, social workers, and personal service coordinators (PSCs). STRIDES' main objective is to help Members stay healthy and in the community where they live. Services can include vocational training and job placement, housing assistance, money management, helping Members go back to school, and building social support systems, and much more.

Both staff and Members at STRIDES enjoy the variety of daily activities and the chance to make long-lasting relationships. The following is a photo journey of a typical day at STRIDES (click on any photo to enlarge).

The Day Begins

Treatment Team 1 goes over their plans in one of the weekly team meetingsTreatment teams meet to go over plans for the day, get updates on Members, and discuss treatment plans. wily Program Administrator Jane Callahan at her deskProgram Administrator Jane Callahan starts the day with a quiet moment at her desk.
Sparkles Mngr JG gets her crew ready for workSparkles Window Washing Team, lead by Team Manager J.G., gets ready for a day out in the community. Joseph Thrower & Member JG give the teamwork cheer before leavingGo Team!
BOM James Dickie & PSC II Chris Wooten helps Member MA manage his moneyBOM James Dickie & PSCII Chris Wooten assist Member M.A. manage his money.

Afternoon Activities

WarmLine Operator & Member HA takes another phone callThe WarmLine is a Member-operated non-crisis phone line. Operator & Member H.A. takes another phone call.
Team 2 PSC II David Hoehne & Team Leader Dayle Evans during their everyday multi-taskingPSCII David Hoehne & Team Leader Dayle Evans multi-tasking as usual.
PSC I Cassandra Flowers meets with Member HW at her placement to check in with herPSCI Cassandra Flowers meets with Member H.W. at her placement to check in with her.
Bonnie Johnson drives GH to an AppointmentPSCII Bonnie Johnson drives G.H. to an appointment.
Member JG covers the phones for a moment as Vocational TrainingMember J.G. covers the phones for a moment as vocational training.
TW gives the Service Center song in one his regular performancesT.W. gives the program a song in one his regular performances. 

Building Relationships, Enjoying Life

Staff celebrates St Patricks Day by holding a party for the MembersSTRIDES celebrates holidays together with Members, including a St. Patricks Day Party in the atrium.
Member JR pauses to show us his new heart at a Valentine's PartyMember J.R. shows off his new heart at a Valentine's Day party.
Member & mother attending our once a month Family education groupA Member & his mother attending the once-a-month family education group.
Member WC & Service Center Coord Joseph Thrower relax after returning from a Sparkles outtingMember W.C. & Service Center Coordinator Joseph Thrower relax after returning from an outing.
Members JR & RH hangout in front of STRIDESMembers J.R. & R.H. hang out in front of STRIDES, sharing a joke.

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